Dangers of Being Overweight


Carrying too much weight is not only uncomfortable but also makes you susceptible to many health problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the rates of obesity have continuously been escalating in the US over recent years. This leads to diabetes, cancers, heart disease, stroke, and much more. Therefore there is a need to burn extra calories through regular exercise and checking your calorie intake. If you are not sure you are doing this right or are not disciplined in this, you can enroll in a center for weight management in Lady Lake.

The Dangers of Carrying Too Much Weight

It becomes hard to breath

Overweight people have difficulty with breathing. The excess fats inhibit the rib cage’s expansion, thus leaving less space for the diaphragm to move normally. Also, if you are overweight, some of the excess fats will be stored in the lungs; this then reduces the storage space for oxygen and consequently hinders the smooth exchange of oxygen. This is when you will notice heavy people huffing and puffing whenever they perform the simplest of tasks. You will also see other people sitting down to rest after climbing the stairs. Impaired breathing is among the problems of obesity that affects the quality of life.

Heart disease

Overweight conditions bring about congestion, clogging, stoppage, and obstruction in the heart. The extra fat exerts unnecessary pressure on your lungs, the heart, and other internal organs of your body, robbing it of energy. If you become overweight, you have heightened incidences of strokes or heart disease.

Premature death

It is well documented that heavier people die younger. If you have ever walked into an assisted-living facility, you will realize that the heavy set people make up most of the patients. On the contrary, you will find that most people who reach the more advanced ages are slim.

You will experience back pain

Most heavyweight people suffer from chronic back pains since the extra weight they carry stresses the back; this impedes pain-free movement and maintaining of spinal fluid. It is the reason why most physicians dealing with back ailments and chiropractors recommend their patients shed excess weight and tighten the stomach muscles to prevent back problems.

High risk of diabetes

There is currently a type-2 diabetes epidemic in the US, and it is projected to worsen with time. Lack of exercise and obesity makes one susceptible to this condition. The moment you are diagnosed with diabetes, your whole life may be affected. Therefore, the risk alone should be a constant reminder that you should shed some weight.

You need to manage your weight if you want to feel and look better. At the Integrated Family Medicine Center, the professionals will work closely with you and ensure you attain your weight loss goals and lead a quality life. Contact their offices through telephone or online.

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