Why Fraxel Treatment is the Best for Aging Skin


A flawless skin devoid of wrinkles and sunburns is everything you need to look and feel great. But when you have a saggy-looking skin that makes you feel 20 years older, you start losing your self-esteem. While age-defying beauty products have proven to work for some people, they might not produce long-term results and some of them may be toxic to your skin. Going for  Fraxel in New York is the only surefire way of ensuring you get the best value for your money. But first, knowing how it works and why you may need it is the only way to determine whether you are making the right decision.

What is Fraxel treatment?

Fraxel treatments performed at Manhattan Dermatology rely on fractional laser technology to reveal a specific portion of the skin to the laser. The treatment is designed to treat a wide range of skin flaws, including aging spots, wrinkles, sun spots, and any other aging symptoms. Depending on what you want to achieve, the procedure can be used to correct skin imperfections and help eliminate aging signs. Through resurface treatment, damaged skin can be transformed back to its youthful fullness. It works in two forms:

  •       Ablative – where your skin is injured, using the Fraxel repair laser in a controlled way by adding vapor to the epidermis
  •       Non-ablative – that relies on Fraxel restore dual laser that does not injure the epidermis

What happens during Fraxel treatment?

As long as you have aging skin symptoms, your dermatologist can recommend Fraxel treatment to achieve youthful-looking skin. During the treatment, patented fractional technology is used to identify damaged skin with microscopic laser compartments. They go deep into the skin to correct the fraction of the skin tissue subjected to damages. After that, the surrounding tissue will remain intact and this speeds the healing process. Think of it as your body’s natural healing process that restores aged and damaged cells with healthy skin.

Who is the perfect candidate for Fraxel Treatment?

Most people tend to think that skin laser treatments are only designed for women. In reality, though, men can also be perfect candidates for these procedures, regardless of their age or skin color. So if using age-defying beauty products or consuming healthy diets do not seem effective, this treatment may be a great option for you.

Fraxel Treatment Works

How would having a softer, brighter, and glowing skin feel? The fact that Fraxel treatment is an all-natural process that speeds up your skin’s healing process makes it a perfect choice for all types of skin for both men and women. After the procedure, you will notice immediate or progressive results, depending on how your skin responds to it.

It is time to redefine your looks and say goodbye to wrinkles and sunburns. To determine whether Fraxel treatment can work for you, consult your dermatologist today.



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