Amazing Benefits You Get from Regenerative Medicine


Pain, whether mild or severe, has never been pleasant. Acute injuries may make you spend months in bed or affect your ability to perform normal routines. Luckily, technology today has brought a wide range of treatment options such as platelet-rich plasma injections and stem cell therapy that facilitate the body’s independent healing. Garden State Pain Control are Clifton regenerative medicine specialists who offer these services to alleviate your pain.

Below are some of the many benefits you get from choosing regenerative treatment:

Reduces pain

Although traditional surgery uses anesthesia to prevent pain, the fact is that there are discomforts experienced during the healing period. The patient needs to take pain-relieving medicine in the process to get through. In regenerative medicine, the surgeon makes a precise injection in the affected area leaving the other healthy tissue, unlike in surgery where you have to undergo incisions. Most patients have testified to minimal or no pain at all when getting platelet-rich plasma injections. Pain during surgery is far worse.

It is a non-surgical treatment method.

The risks of surgery are undeniable. Regenerative medicine offers you a way out from all chances of complications. The doctors use ultrasound to ensure treatment is precise and accurate. You also do not have to deal with wide surgery incisions as the healing will only be for the small injection sites.

It is a personalized option.

This is probably one of the main advantages of regenerative medicine. Most of these procedures utilize cells from the patient’s body. Platelet-rich plasma injections, for instance, involve plasma and platelets drawn from the patient’s blood, thereby reducing the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. Stem cell therapy also uses cells removed from their bone marrow. This could also be the reason this form of treatment has a high success rate.

There are fewer risks of rejection.

Regenerative medicine reduces the chances of rejection, as it is rare for your immune system to fight tissues from your own body. For other treatments that involve a donor’s tissues, the body may view them as invaders and attack risking complications. Tissue from amniotic fluid is also screened properly to avoid rejection.

Healthier tissues

Surgery will only repair the damage of the tissue. On the other hand, regenerative medicine facilitates healing and also improves the affected bone or tissue. They grow back stronger, and it can enhance the entire musculoskeletal system’s overall health.

Fast recovery

The body has a natural attribute to effectively and quickly heal itself. That is why you recover quickly after a mild cut or skinned knee. The same thing happens in regenerative medicine, where your body uses its platelets and plasma to accelerate healing. The recovery process will only need to heal the injection site, which is also fast. This means that the patient can go back to their normal routine in less time than they would have after traditional surgery.

Regenerative medicine is the best option to relieve pain, especially if you want to stay away from surgery. Past treatments have had results that last for years in just a couple of weeks. With the various benefits and very little risks, this is the best pain management choice. Book an appointment with Garden State Pain Control for personalized treatment.

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