Get Rid of Varicose Veins with a Board-Certified Cardiologist in Deerfield Beach, FL


About one in every five adults in the US has bulging, twisted varicose veins in their legs. Varicose veins can be cumbersome to treat and manage if you do not visit a professional and board-certified cardiovascular specialist. The team at Soffer Health Institute offers comprehensive vein evaluations to help you find solutions for the pain and other varicose veins complications. Deerfield Beach, FL board, certified cardiologist Ariel Soffer, MD, FACC, and his team uses innovative sclerotherapy and endovenous ablation technology to destroy the damaged veins and enhance your leg health. For more information, call or schedule an appointment online.

What Are Varicose Veins?

They refer to damaged veins that tend to be noticeably enlarged because of backed-up blood and weakened blood vessel walls. The swellings may appear blue or purple and are caused by the gnarling of veins or blood collecting at different areas on the legs where blood circulation is affected.  In a healthy vein, the valve opens to allow blood to flow through and then closes to prevent it from flowing backwards. If the valve is not working correctly, the blood can flow back through the vein and pool in a particular area, causing the vein to enlarge.

Which Are the Risk Factors of Varicose Veins?

Some of the risk factors include pregnancy, older age, overweight or obesity, and standing or sitting for long periods. Aging contributes to their formation because they lose stretch, elasticity, weaken over time, making it difficult for blood to flow back to the heart. Pregnancy also leads to varicose veins increasing blood volume in the body. Weak veins and vein valves usually cause varicose veins. This causes blood clots in your veins, which enlarge and get swollen.

What Are the Symptoms of Varicose Veins?

The common and visible symptom of varicose veins is the bluish or purplish color appearing on your veins. In the earlier stages of varicose veins, you might notice the appearance of spider veins, which are similar to varicose veins but smaller and not as severe. Other symptoms include throbbing or sharp pain, fatigue, and heaviness in the affected limbs, muscle cramping, itching, and ankle or leg ulcers.

What Should You Expect During Varicose Veins Treatment?

Varicose veins treatment is needed to reduce addressed complications, discomfort, and pain if there are symptoms. When you go to a vascular specialist, he will develop an individualized treatment plan based on your varicose veins’ severity. If your veins have mild symptoms, the specialist might recommend wearing support hoses and elevating your legs to promote healthy circulation. Avoiding standing or sitting for long periods and losing excess weight can also be beneficial. However, the doctor may opt for advanced treatments via minimally invasive techniques if your condition is severe. Some of the available advanced varicose veins treatments at Soffer Health Institute include endovenous ablation, sclerotherapy, and removal surgery.

To sum up, don’t suffer from varicose veins any longer. Dr. Soffer is experienced in treating varicose veins and other conditions such as spider veins, leg pain, leg circulation, swollen legs, cardiology, etc. For effective treatment of protruding and painful varicose veins, call or schedule a consultation online with Soffer Health Institute today. Telemedicine consultations are also available.

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