Be sure of dosages for painkillers like Tramadol before buying online!


Medicines can be bought online to the delight of many. In fact, there are people who needed this help long back. The elderlies in many cities in India cannot go out to buy medicines, and the younger lot of people at home are all busy working in other cities. For people like these, it is very much helpful that online medicine buying facilities are available.

However, while buying medicines like Tramadol that are painkillers and can have several side effects if the right kind of dosage is not followed, one must take consultations from doctors before buying them online.

Is buying Tramadol online OK?

Like many other medicines, Tramadol can also be bought online. But unlike many others, this is a painkiller drug that needs proper dosage to be followed by the user. That is why it is important that these medicines should not be bought without the consultation of doctors.

Tramadol is a painkiller that varies in dosage over time. At the beginning, Tramadol is to be started in gradual dosage. Even when one is planning to stop taking the medicine, the dosage has to come down in steps. However, when at peak, the dosage has to be strictly followed without any variation and in case of any discomfort it should be reported to the doctor for immediate consultation.

Tramadol comes in many varieties- it can be obtained as a normal capsule, an orally disintegrating capsule as well as extended release tablet. While the normal capsule and extended release tablet can be swallowed with or without water, the orally disintegrating tablet must be kept in the mouth where it gets dissolved in the saliva with time. The normal capsule and orally disintegrating tablet can be consumed after every 4-6 hours in a day while the extended release tablet should not be taken more than once a day. Even when the dosage has to be reduced, the reduction must occur in steps. An abrupt stoppage of the medicine can cause many side effects. The possible side effects due to faulty dosage during the start or the end of a course or even when one is going through the course at its peak can be many- body ache, diarrhoea, shaking of any body part without control, nausea, sneezing, difficulty in sleeping and waking up, runny nose, hair standing on end, and many others.In case of any of them happening during the course, one must make sure to consult a doctor. In fact, it is always advisable to take the final word of the doctors regarding the exact dosage before buying Tramadol online.

Can online buying of medicines help me get discounts?

Buying online can actually make one liable to quite a bit of discounts. In fact, online selling of medicine has the advantage that the companies do not have very high establishment cost owing to the lack of any retail counter or frontline manpower. Thus they can save quite a bit of their investment in that way, although the cost on logistics is a bit higher. They have to ensure the medicines reach the right place at the right time without any delay.

The reduced expenditure in business helps them offer quite a bit of discounts online. If one is buying Tramadol online in a pack of 200 pills, the cost per pill is as low as $1.20 as compared to when one buys a pack of 100 pills. In the case of the latter, the cost per pill is $1.65 a pill. For a pack of 120 pills, the cost is reduced to $1.50 a pill. A pack of 60 pills, often preferred by users who have limited consumption of the drug, comes for $1.60 a pill.

Often in India, people buy painkillers on their will and without consulting the doctors. The fact is in such a case, there can be many side effects for patients and users due to faulty dosage. It is thus important to make sure that nothing like this happens to the users. Although the websites selling medicines online do write about the dosages, one cannot sue them legally if medicines are not bought online without a medical prescription. That is why one should be very sure about the dosages to be applied before buying them online.

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