Causes And Treatment Options Of Misaligned Teeth


Crooked teeth have become a common condition among people. It can be found in lots of kids and adults. People with misaligned teeth should not worry about them and think about straightening them. Also, imperfectly aligned teeth add personality, uniqueness, and charm to the smile. If you are not satisfied with your aligned teeth look, you can visit website and book your appointment today.

Imperfect teeth can cause health problems, speech issues, etc. Therefore, such people can make their teeth aligned. 

Causes and treatment options of misaligned teeth

The baby teeth and permanent teeth can grow misaligned or become misaligned. Sometimes, baby teeth can become misaligned because they do not have sufficient space to fit in. There can also be other reasons like hereditary and genetic issues. 

. Jaw size

Nowadays, most people opt for a modern diet that contains soft and processed food. Processed food requires less chewing than normal foods eaten by our ancestors. Such changes in the food cycle are responsible for changing the general jaw size. It has made our jaw smaller. Some dentists even claim that our jaw eventually becomes shorter, leading to crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth.

. Misaligned jaw

The design of our mouth is such that the upper teeth fit just over the smaller ones. The grooves of lower teeth let the upper molars fit into them. If such alignment is not established, it will lead to malocclusion. Overbite and underbite are involved in general teeth misalignments. If someone has poor myofunctional habits, it may also lead to malocclusion issues.

. Poor myofunctional practice

The repetitive behavior performed by people is known as myofunctional habits. It impacts the function of the face or mouth muscles. It covers the following.

  • Tongue sucking
  • Thumb sucking
  • Mouth sucking
  • Pacifier 

. Poor oral care and nutrition

Poor nutrition cause tooth decay, misaligned teeth, and inadequate teeth development. It generally occurs in kids who do not eat enough good nutritional diets.

Dentists always suggest ot have an annual oral checkup for everyone. Individuals who do not visit dentists at least once a year may suffer from multiple problems without even knowing it. Many issues can arise from the mouth, including cavities, gum problems, etc. The issues can be responsible for misaligned teeth in many individuals.

. Crooked teeth treatment

Crooked teeth can be treated in orthodontic or surgical ways. Braces are one of the best options available to treat crooked teeth. It may take up to two or three years related to braces and associated problems, and the results can be gained within less time. 

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