How Do You Know If You Have a Wide Rib Cage? And What Can You Do About It:



If you’re like me, you’ve been looking for a bra that fits well and feels comfortable. Unfortunately, some women don’t realize they have a wide rib cage until they try on their first bra—and it just doesn’t fit right! So how do you know if this is your problem? And what can you do about it? In this article we’ll cover why people with wide ribs are having problems finding bras that fit them properly, as well as tips for measuring your size and finding the right size for your unique shape.

Why Do You Have a Wide Rib Cage?

. Why do you have a wide rib cage?

A common reason for someone to have a wide rib cage is because they’re genetically predisposed. This means that if your parents or grandparents had the same characteristic, it’s likely that you will too. However, other factors can also contribute to having a wider waistline and ribs than others:

  • Your posture could be causing your ribs to protrude outwardwards. If this is the case, there are things you can do (like standing up straight) which will help shrink them down again.
  • Your weight may also play an important role in determining how much space exists between each individual rib on your body structure—and if this isn’t something that bothers you too much then maybe try losing some pounds!

Ways to Tell if You Have a Wide Rib Cage

You might be surprised to hear that a wide rib cage is a common shape for women. It can also be caused by genetics, weight gain and pregnancy.

A wide rib cage women pelvis is wider than her hips, which makes it look like she has a small waistline. This may not seem like much of an issue at first glance — after all, most people don’t see the difference between their own ribs and someone else’s! But if you have ever noticed that your clothes don’t fit quite right or feel uncomfortable when worn over time (or even just once), then chances are high that this could be happening because of how wide your ribcage is relative to other parts of your body.

How to Determine if You Need an Extra Wide Bra

If you’re looking to determine if you have a wide rib cage, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, if your bust is small or large—or even medium-sized—it can be difficult for clothes to fit properly. In addition, if you have an athletic build (i.e., broad shoulders), then it’s likely that your breasts will sit on top of them rather than below them (if they’re not too heavy). And finally: If either of these conditions apply to you—small bust and/or wide shoulders—then it means that whoever made up this list had reason enough for concern!

Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way…

How to Measure Your Bra Size with a Wide Rib Cage

To determine how much of a difference you’ve made to your rib cage, measure the band size of your current bra. Then measure the underbust (where the band sits) and fullest part of your bust, as well as cup size. Add 4 inches to these measurements and subtract them from your current bra size. This will give you a number that represents how much wider or narrower you are than standard sizing for bras in that particular style category.

Finding Your Right Bra Size

Finding your right bra size is important. It’s not just about finding one that fits well and feels comfortable, but also finding one that supports your body shape and shape as well.

If you don’t find a bra that fits, then you may want to consider going down a band size or two in order to get more support from the straps and cups. This can help prevent any problems with back pain or backaches caused by over-supporting yourself with too much material under your arms. However, if this isn’t enough for you (and it could be), then there are other options available: bras designed specifically for wide rib cage women!

If you have a wide rib cage, be sure you’re shopping for bras designed for your size and shape.

If you have a wide rib cage, it’s important to shop for bras designed for your size and shape. You can find out your bra size with a measuring tape or by looking at the tag in the back of your bra.

If you haven’t already done so, measure around the fullest part of your rib cage on both sides—just above where it touches your torso—with a measuring tape at least 1 inch long (0.5 cm). Then measure again from top to bottom. Your result should be between 2-3 inches (5-7 cm).

If this measurement falls outside of what would be considered “average” for most women, then there’s no doubt about it: You have a wide rib cage!


If you have a wide rib cage, then it’s important that your bra fits properly. You can’t just assume that any bra will work for you. It’s best to get a professional consultation and measure your size before shopping. If you don’t have access to a professional fitting room, there are other ways to determine if you need an extra-wide bra size. Try taking measurements with a tape measurer or ruler while wearing different types of clothing so that you can com

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