Thermage: The Innovative Non-Surgical Lifting


We often ask ourselves how to intervene on the body to improve our skin: small wrinkles begin to become deeper, the tissues begin to yield, and in the end, the skin loses its original toned and compact structure. Sometimes, the only solution seems to be a surgical facelift, but not everyone is willing to undergo a proper operation. The skin on the face and body can become young again even without surgery!

The solution is thermage, the innovative treatment indicated for all those who show signs of aging and skin laxity but do not wish to resort to a scalpel. By renewing the dermis of the abdomen, arms, thighs, or face, and by recompacting the collagen, the effect is just like that of a lifting: the skin is relaxed, toned, and reshaped.

How Thermage Works

The energy released in the form of heat during the treatment warms the tissue of the deeper skin layers. At the same time, the device protects the surrounding skin through a cooling system. Thermage flx stimulates collagen production through monopolar RF energy to restore skin tone and make it smoother.

A single session of about 40 minutes is usually sufficient to obtain the desired results, which last up to two/three years. A slight swelling may appear after the treatment, which will disappear within a few hours.

Rejuvenate the Face

The face is the most exposed part of our body and, therefore, more subject to the signs of aging. Thanks to Thermage, the patient gets smoother, more toned, and younger skin in a very short time and with maximum effectiveness. To discover more about the advantages of skin resurfacing for the face, visit this website:

Tone the Body

When it comes to sagging skin, the first areas that come to mind are the arms, thighs, buttocks, and stomach. The aesthetic treatments in these areas are the most requested: Thermage is the most effective of its kind because it manages to cover a large body area during quick and painless sessions. You can also opt for thermage 眼 to eliminate eye bags.

For Whom is it Recommended?

The Thermage treatment is recommended for all those who, to improve their skin appearance, do not wish to resort to surgery and want to avoid the recovery periods typical of surgery.

In particular, the best candidates are patients:

  • with moderate or severe skin laxity
  • with medium superficial or deep facial roughness
  • who wish to redefine the contours and features of the face


  • Quick sessions
  • No recovery time
  • Results are immediately visible and progressive over time
  • Regeneration of the connective tissue
  • Compaction of the fibrous septae
  • Effective on any type of skin
  • Improvement of blood circulation and cellular metabolism
  • American FDA certification

Thermage is an ideal technique to achieve a natural result without undesirable consequences. This is one of the advanced methods of dealing with age-related changes. It is also a good addition to procedures such as ultrasound, absorbable threads, lipofilling and anti-wrinkle injections.

Thermage is a non-invasive and minimal-risk treatment but must be performed by physicians with specific training. For this reason, it is always necessary to contact certified specialists in the use of the instrumentation who are competent and with in-depth experience in skin treatment.

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