Cink Therapy & Its Positive Impact In Negative Energy Lines


There are many people who suffer from defective motor patterns. This is due to the flawed impulses that are sent out by the nerves in the body. Gone are the days when people had to suffer from such defects as a new therapy has emerged in the form of CINK Therapy. The constant firing of these nerves gets rooted into the body system. In most cases, the individual is not aware of it.They often form a pattern that is definite. This condition is referred to as energy lines.

Now, if you look at these energy lines, not all of them are good and positive. They are not considered to be the ideal energy lines and this results in the human being the victim of a flawed or a defective motor pattern. The above faulty energy lines affects the human and there is an imbalance in the condition of the body. It is here that CINK therapy or Cognitive Integrated Neuro-Kinetics come into play to save the day and rectify this imbalance. This Cink Therapy comprises of training the movements with simple daily routine activities.

Now, you may be wondering how these faulty energy lines dominate the human body and cause an imbalance in functions. There are many lifestyle issues involved here. The major factors that give rise to these faulty energy lines in the body are sedentary lifestyle, improper posture, long hours of driving, speaking on the telephone for long hours, working at a computer for a long time and more. Here, you will find that the natural reflexes in the body are gradually replaced with the artificial reflexes in the body. One of the biggest problems when these artificial reflexes take place is that the person is not aware of them at all. In short, he or she has no control over them.


There are people who suffer from a specific syndrome called the EDS or the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3. Cink Therapy has greatly benefited people who suffer from this condition. The EDS Type III condition sufferers suffer from the laxity of tissues. This is the primary complication of this condition. There is another condition of syndrome called temporomandibular dysfunction or the TMJ syndrome. The term laxity of tissues means that the tissues become loose. This condition gives rise to conditions like cervical muscle tension, migraine and more. When there is a rise in the levels of adrenalin due to the overreaction because of this stress, blood pressure levels increase.

This eventually leads the body suffers as there is a big fluctuation that is negative in nature. Extremities are observed and the body suffers from a defective system where the muscles become weak, the joints become compressed and there are chronic aches and pains in the body. Cink Therapy is an effective way to address these issues and bring the body back on the right track. It is a method of channelizing the points of laxity and the conversion of negative energy lines in the body to ideal energy lines.

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