Don’t Forget these 3 Vital Arrangements for Outdoor Community Events


Whether you’re holding a community sports event or a local festival or any other outdoor community gathering, you will have to make sure that everything is set. But sometimes, when planning an event, it’s easy to get lost in the details of the programme, area layout, funding sources and promotional campaigns among others, to the point that we forget about the more important aspects of outdoor community events.

So ask yourself if you are sure your plans for these 3 essential arrangements are as detailed as your programme of activities and the like:

medical events

  1. Medical Support

If it’s an event for sports and fitness, then it’s obvious that appropriate number of medical teams should be available in the area. But even for events that don’t require active physical engagement such as festivals and concerts, a medical support team should still be arranged because accidents can happen and fainting isn’t uncommon in crowded areas.

The number of needed medical stations will depend on how many participants and spectators are expected at the event as well as how large the venue is. When organising a running marathon, it’s important to have a medical team on standby at certain points along the route. For outdoor sports events, a medic should be available close to each gaming areas to be able to provide quick assistance.

To avoid the hassle of determining what you specifically need in terms of first-aid assistance, you can seek assistance from a reliable professional company. As an example, the medical cover from Outdoor Medical Solutions can provide services for events regardless of size, including corporate entertainment, trade shows, equestrian activities and film productions.

  1. Public Address System

Remember that your event will be held at an open area where a lot of people will be talking and possibly laughing and singing. If you hope to make announcements or carry a program that can be heard by everyone wherever they may be in the venue, then a system for electronic sound amplification and distribution is definitely required. The number of equipment you need for your PA system will generally depend on the size of the crowd. In case of a large concert at a park, it is essential that adequate number of loudspeakers is set up across the venue to ensure that everyone can appreciate the songs and music even when they’re so far away from the stage. If resources permit, you might also want to set up large LED screens so people are able to see the bands or musicians playing.

  1. Public Security

Security should be a priority for any event whether big or small. It’s even more important if you’re organising a gathering that’s open to the public, where anyone can join in the fun and activities. Coordinate with the local government and the police to help you with the security and safety measures you require to make the event successful. They can serve as backup should there be any violent incidences that could possibly escalate to tragedies. They can also help keep your event free from drugs and other threats that could ruin the occasion.

While it’s exciting to concentrate on the details of the events like the programme, guests, participants, venue decors and banners, you shouldn’t neglect the more standard aspects of organising a community gathering, especially if it’s held outdoor and in public.

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