Crowns are Effectively Improving Smiles


Although your teeth are designed to serve you a lifetime, several factors can cause damage to them, affecting your smile. However, Hilliard crowns specialists at Innovative Dental Ideas can help you regain your smile. Dental crowns have been used for a long time, and they have proven effective in restoring your teeth’ size, shape, strength, and overall appearance. This means that you can have that beautiful smile all over again. All you have to do is have the crowns cemented into place to cover any damaged tooth that could be denying you the beautiful smile you deserve.

What is a Crown?

In general terms, a crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a damaged tooth to cover the tooth and restore its former splendor. The crown fully encloses all the visible portions of your tooth lying above the gum line. Crowns can be formed from various materials, but dental crowns are mainly made of porcelain, resin, metallic, and stainless steel. Once placed on your teeth, it functions and feels like natural teeth. However, the appearance will depend on the material used.

Where Does a Bridge Come in?

If you have lost a tooth, you will not have a supportive root structure to hold the crown. In this case, a bridge which is also prosthetic as a crown will be used. It acts as an artificial tooth attaching the crown on one or both sides. They can also be made from different materials and customized to blend your natural teeth’ appearance.

Who Needs a Crown

Although some people use a crown for aesthetic purposes, you might require a dental crown due to the following reasons.

  • You have a weak tooth, and you want to protect it from breaking, or you want to hold together a broken tooth.
  • Your tooth has a large filling, and you want to cover it, particularly if you don’t have many teeth left.
  • You have severely discolored or misshapen teeth you want to cover
  • You have had a dental implant, and you want to cover it up.

The Process of Getting a Crown

If you are a candidate for a crown, you will undergo several steps to regain your smile. First, your dentist will examine and prepare your tooth for the crown. At this stage, you might require a few x-rays of your roots to the tooth receiving the crown and also the surrounding bone mass. You may first undergo a root canal treatment in case of complications such as tooth decay or injury to the tooth’s pulp.

When all is well, your provider will make an impression of the tooth to receive the crown, which will be sent to the lab to manufacture the crowns. Your tooth can be reshaped to prepare the crowns where a temporary crown will protect it. All this will happen in your initial appointment.

On your second appointment, your provider will remove the temporal crown and try the permanent one on the tooth. If it fits correctly, the new crown will be permanently cemented on your teeth. If it does not fit, your provider will perform the necessary adjustment until the desired fit is attained.

Dental crowns and bridges can reestablish your beautiful smile to boost your confidence and self-esteem. You only have to contact Innovative Dental Ideas and learn more about how you can get the crowns.

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