Piriformis Syndrome Treatment Procedures to Help Return to Work Faster


Cramps in the buttocks can limit the way you move, associate with people and carry out daily activities. Piriformis syndrome is one of the issues related to spasms in the buttocks and can affect the way you work. Newtown piriformis syndrome experts are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of piriformis syndrome. With the experts, you get customized medications that target your issue, giving you the ability to work comfortably.

Piriformis syndrome 101

Your buttocks have a special muscle called the piriformis that helps you accomplish various tasks. The muscle has a tenancy to cause cramps, an uncomfortable sensation in some people. Such discomforts can hit you hard to the point you cannot function properly. The spasms affect various nerves, which in turn influence your workload. The sciatic nerve, one of the largest in the body, runs from the buttocks region to the legs is the one most affected. Irritation of the nerve leads to a condition related to the name sciatica, making you feel extreme pain, tingling, and numbness. The discomforts affect your feet, legs, and even the hips, a situation that makes you less effective in your responsibilities.

Signs of piriformis syndrome

The buttocks are the first point in your body that the health situation hits hard, you will notice they become tender. Other sciatica symptoms will follow later, radiating back and forth towards your legs and lower back. Symptoms for piriformis syndrome include:

  •         Reduced range of motion in your hips
  •         Back pain or leg pain
  •         Increase pain when you sit for long periods of time
  •         Pain in the thighs or the back

Occasionally, you will note a sudden pain relief when you lie flat, which makes you appreciate that position more. Like many other issues, Piriformis syndrome worsens when ignored for a long time, with extreme pain that renders you are unable to accomplish a lot. Performance Pain and Sports Medicine is a center that specializes in the treatment of the problem, you can benefit from the intervention procedures offered at the center.

Available treatment options for piriformis syndrome

Performance Pain and Sports Medicine has various procedures to help deal with the situation, as the center specializes in treating injuries and many muscle issues. First, you will need to surrender your medical history, allow your doctor to analyze it, then go through a thorough examination. Your doctor will look out for swelling in the muscles and any form of tenderness in your back. Treatments you might expect at the center include:

  •         Muscle relaxers

These help to relax the muscles in your buttocks, more specific the piriformis muscle. Botox injections help achieve this, relieving you instantly, as the spasms reduce due to the limited muscle movements in the buttocks.

Other treatments alongside muscles relaxers you might expect include:

  •         Radiofrequency ablation
  •         Acupuncture and chiropractic treatment

Deal with that discomfort in your back with piriformis syndrome treatments offered by Performance Pain and Sports Medicine. The procedures make sure you get the relief you desire fast. Begin your journey to healing by booking your appointment online or calling the center.

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