Customized OB/GYN Care in Rio Grande Valley


Women’s health requires quality care delivered through advanced diagnostic treatment options. Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley focuses on delivering quality care for all visiting patients using the latest treatment options. The practice shapes McAllen gynecology by empowering providers and patients towards more comprehensive prevention strategies. Call or book an appointment for the services highlighted below.

Services Offered at Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley

Dr. Otero specialized in offering quality services like:

Minimally invasive surgery involves using advanced tools and techniques to access surgical sites without large incisions. Dr. Otero is well versed in minimally invasive surgical remedies like hysteroscopy surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery, and robotic-assisted surgical procedures. The initial consultation is ideal for helping you choose your best treatment plan.

Pelvic pain is the source of severe and frequent discomfort for women from all age groups and backgrounds. Dr. Otero considers your current symptoms and health history to find the best approach to the source of your pain. Your provider highlights basic information on the pros and cons of available treatment options to aid in your decision making.

Family planning lets you design and structure your family size and spacing to suit your financial, personal, and cultural needs and desires. The practice offers barrier birth control like condoms, cervical caps, and birth control sponges. Hormonal birth control options include implants, patches, birth control pills, injections, and intrauterine devices.

Essure removal. More women opt for permanent birth control options free of incisions, skin scarring, anesthesia, downtime, and side effects. If you get a change of heart, visit Dr. Otero for Essure removal using hysteroscopy, salpingotomy, salpingectomy, cornual resection, and other minimally invasive procedures.

High-risk obstetrics can help you get through the overwhelming experience of childbirth and pregnancy. Dr. Otero creates a custom birth plan outlining your unique challenges and pregnancy needs. Your treatment plan includes dietary adjustments, exercise plans, recharge sessions, and finding more rest to help you through the dynamic process.

Hysterectomy removes the uterus and other reproductive organs owing to a wide range of gynecologic conditions. Dr. Otero considers your options and medical condition when drafting your treatment plan. Hysterectomy is best for treating conditions like uterine prolapse, endometriosis, persistent and painful uterine fibroids, chronic pelvic pain, and adenomyosis.

Urinary incontinence. Dr. Otero helps you get past urges, stress, overflow, and functional incontinence. Your provider considers your needs and medical history when drafting you a fully personalized treatment plan. Treatment for urinary incontinence includes medication, behavioral techniques, interventional therapies, and surgical remedies for long term relief.

Pelvic prolapse includes cystocele, uterine prolapse, urethrocele, enterocele, vaginal vault prolapse, and rectocele. Dr. Otero runs conclusive tests and examinations to determine the best treatment for your condition. Your treatment may include surgery, pessary, Kegel exercises, and more lifestyle adjustments along the way.

Wrapping Up

Dr. Otero explores advanced treatment options at your disposal to deliver fully customized treatment targeting your underlying symptoms. Call the Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley or visit the website to schedule an appointment from your home or office to receive care in a friendly and comfortable environment.

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