Comprehensive Wound Care for Accelerated Healing in Fort Worth, TX


Nearly every one of us will experience an open wound at some point in our lives. However, slow-healing wounds can be painful and prevent you from enjoying your daily life. At their worst, chronic wounds can cause serious complications such as amputation and bone infections. The experienced team at Wound Evolution Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine undertake preemptive steps to accelerate wound healing. They provide comprehensive care that involves advanced dressings, nutrition, and innovative wound treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To contact a wound care specialist in Fort Worth, call or schedule an appointment online today.

When Do You Require Wound Care?

Chronic wounds and severe wounds that develop an infection require expert wound care. This also applies to wounds that do not heal. A non-healing or chronic wound is one that has not started healing in more than two weeks and fails to heal completely in over six weeks. You should, hence, consult a medical professional if you have such a wound. Nevertheless, if you get an ulcer on your foot or lower leg, you should visit a doctor immediately.

What Types of Wounds Require Professional Wound Care?

The common wound types managed and treated with professional wound care include infected wounds, venous leg ulcers, diabetic wounds, pressure sores, arterial ulcers, and surgical wound complications. Chronic wounds can take months to heal, and the longer it continues, the more you are exposed to the risk of severe infections that can infect the surrounding bones and skin. In serious cases, the wounds can result in amputation.

What Symptoms Signify You Require Wound Care?

Various symptoms show your wound has an infection or is not healing properly. Some of these symptoms include redness and swelling, foul odor, fever, drainage from the wound, discolored and thick discharge, pain that does not go away, and blue or dark color around the wound’s edges.

What Should You Expect During Wound Care?

A severe wound requires comprehensive care that starts with a thorough examination. Your provider starts by reviewing your medical history, performing a physical exam, and carefully evaluating the depth and size of your wound. The team at Wound Evolution Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine do diagnostic testing to identify your wound’s primary cause and the possible complications such as bone infections. Other tests that the doctor might recommend include transcutaneous oxygen testing, ultrasound, vascular studies, blood tests, and diagnostic imaging.

What Are the Available Wound Care Treatment Options?

At Wound Evolution Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, the team offers holistic wound care treatments and recommends lifestyle and nutritional changes as required to promote healing. Dietary counseling is an important wound care aspect as your body requires more nutrients to support wound healing. They also use advanced therapies to stabilize your wound and enhance healing including compression therapy, wound debridement, infection management, bioengineered skin grafts, pressure off-loading, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, negative pressure wound therapy, and peri-wound skin management.

To sum up, expert wound care reduces the risk of your wound getting severe complications and accelerates its healing. If you require wound care in and around Fort Worth, Texas, call or book an appointment online with Wound Evolution Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine today.

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