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Women have high prevalence rates compared to men. However, they are usually at risk of health conditions and discrimination, lowering their life quality. Besides, their many roles in society and homes as mothers, leaders, and wives make their lives very engaging, Not forgetting to mention their biological nature, where they need care in every stage of their lives. From puberty stage to menopause, their bodies need proper care to help them live fulfilling lives. Vibrant Woman Health Center is there to provide all the health needs of a woman. The OB/GYN specialist Dr. Nevils provides comprehensive care and services, including well-woman exams and contraception in Lafayette, LA.

What is contraception?

Contraception is the use of artificial methods and techniques to prevent pregnancy, referred to as birth control. Contraception techniques stop the fertilization process.

  • Separating the egg and the sperm
  • Stopping egg production
  • Preventing the combined sperm and egg from attaching to the uterus lining

The contraception specialist Dr. Nevils understands that every woman’s body functions differently, hence she provides personalized treatments that specifically fit you. Call or book online to schedule your appointment.

Factors to consider when choosing a contraceptive method

Every birth control method works differently from the other. What matters is their effectiveness. There are various factors to consider before settling on a certain method, including:

  • Convenience
  • The side effects
  • Your future family plans
  • It’s reversibility
  • Your sex frequency and number of partners
  • What works best for you and your partner

Almost every birth control method has its bad and good sides, it depends on what will work best for you. However, some methods have less complicated effects than others. Dr. Nevil provides you with every technique’s pros and cons to allow you to decide on one.

What are the various contraception methods?

There are many forms of birth control, grouped as follows:

  • Natural family planning, observing fertile and infertile days
  • Barrier methods, including condoms, the sponge, and the diaphragm
  • Hormonal methods include the pill and the patch
  • Sterilization, e.g., tubal ligation
  • IUDs

Does contraception offer protection against sexually transmitted infections?

Most contraception methods aim at preventing pregnancy. Only condoms offer both STDs protection and prevent conception. Hence, it is advisable to use a condom and other birth control methods for people with multiple sexual partners.

Which birth control methods are more effective in preventing pregnancy compared to others?

IUDs, implants, and sterilization methods provide the most effective results, while barrier methods and natural family planning might be unreliable. Other techniques such as a pill, ring, and patch, effectiveness depends on the correctness and consistency of use.

In conclusion, contraception is a critical topic in a woman’s life. It helps couples decide when to have children when they are mentally and financially ready. Every woman is unique and has different health concerns. The effectiveness of the birth control methods varies in women. The contraception specialist, Dr. Nevil of the Vibrant Woman Health Center, offers safe and effective contraception methods that are only fit for you. During the consultation, she gives every method’s advantages and disadvantages and lets you decide on the ideal one for you. Visit them today for all your woman needs, including contraception options.

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