Dental Health 101 – Importance And Necessity Of Preventative Oral And Dental Hygiene


Oral and dental hygiene are the terms used to describe the process in which preventative dental care is given in order to avoid all sorts of dental emergencies. In general, all of us know the basic in-home dental care regime. However, very few of us know and understand the importance of professional preventative oral hygiene along with the in-home dental regime.

Role of dentists:

Certainly, we are responsible for our day-to-day oral hygiene and maintenance. However, if involved, then dental hygienist, general dentists, cosmetic dentists and specialists also play a vital role in helping us maintain our oral and dental hygiene.

Brushing and flossing the teeth daily is a fundamental process, but this process alone is not sufficient to remove calculus and plaque, which builds up over the period of time. By consulting a reputed dental clinic like Josey Lane Dentistry and getting calculus removed, you can reduce the chances of needing major dental treatments like root canals, dental bridges, tooth extractions, crowns, etc, in the future.

Importance of proper diet and adverse effects of eating disorders on oral health:

Maintaining a proper diet helps in maintaining proper oral as well as overall health. The type of food and beverages you consume and the time of their intake affects the health of your teeth and gums a lot. Your eating patterns and selection of food are the two important factors that promote tooth decay.

In simple words, if you eat more often and especially consume such food, which stays longer in mouth, then you are exposed to several teeth damages. Also, some foods in particular are more damaging to your oral health.

Dental Health

On the other hand, eating disorders can greatly affect your overall health. The two most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. If your body lacks necessary vitamins, proteins, minerals and other important nutrients continuously, then there are chances that you may develop many health conditions specifically concerning your muscles and teeth.

Preventive Dentistry:

If you fail to take appropriate care of your teeth, then you might find yourself spending thousands of dollars in a dental clinic in near future. Well, did you know a complete mouth restoration process costs around $45,000 – $80,000? Now, by maintaining proper preventative dentistry measures, you can safeguard yourself from spending exorbitantly on dental costs. Also, this is the prime reason why American Dental Association recommends at least two dental routine checkups a year. By following this recommendation, you can easily detect and stop any dental infection. Besides, by regularly checking on your oral health, you can also stay away from life threatening diseases like oral cancer.

Preventative dentistry focuses on regular day-to-day oral hygiene procedures as well as includes some basic treatments like deep cleaning. In addition, it also combines professional dental counseling with the clinic treatments.

If you have never gone for a routine oral checkup, then we recommend you to book one today. In your first visit, you can expect the dentists to undertake a comprehensive examination, and if needed, then they will suggest a step-by-step treatment process. Dental treatments are usually customized depending on your personal needs and requirements.

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