Why Your Fitness Program Needs Perfect Strategy for Using Rowing Machines?


The workout on rowing machines can be a daunting task for many overweight people. Once you get accustomed to using this machine, they are the best way to have an effective cardio workout to achieve body fitness. If you are an overweight person using treadmills for weight loss can cause strain on knee and hip joints. This machine helps you to do the workout without causing stress to your body. A rower machine is a good choice to keep yourself fit as it can make more muscles work within a short time and burn more calories when compared to other exercise machines.

rowing machines

Why you need planning?

Though it is possible for anyone at any fitness level to use this machine, it is necessary to have proper strategies to use this machine for weight loss or to increase the fitness level.

  • You should start using the machine at slow pace at first and gradually you can increase the pace when you find that your body is adjusting to the set pace.
  • You need to vary the workouts using rower every now and then to avoid monotony and to give some changes to the muscles you are working.
  • You need to find out maximum heart rate for your age and you need to plan your workout to create a heart rate which will make your body to burn body fat without causing any harm to your body.

Start with easy rowing

If you are a beginner, you need your body to adjust to the fitness session you are planning with rowing machines. You can start with a comfortable way to workout using steady rowing. Your body will get warmed up for the vigorous sessions or your body will be ready for the vigorous exercises in the following week once you start with easy rowing movements on the machine on the first week. Limit the pace to 18-24 strokes per minute. This is known as rating. Though this type of exercise will not reduce your weight, it will make you fit to do intense exercises for weight loss.

Interval training

Once your body gets adjusted to the easy pace of the rower, you can move on to the next higher level. During interval training, the person has to perform high stroke rate training for one to two minutes, followed by lower stroke rate training for an equal amount of time.  Your body will be able to burn more calories than steady rowing when you are alternating the intensity. You will find that your endurance and power to increase with this exercise. Your heart rate will increase to a level which increases fat burning.

High intensity training

This workout is tough and can be opted only by people with some weeks of experience or by advanced rowers. This high intensity workout boosts stamina and fitness and is highly beneficial for competitive rowers.  You need to row at the fastest pace possible by you for a period of time, which will create a racing like condition. Repeat the exercise by adding five seconds more to your time period at every fourth session.

Pyramid workout

This is a popular workout plan for experienced rowers.  In this method, high stroke rate rowing is done for shorter periods. You can use the rowing machines to row for 4 minutes at a stroke rate of 22 per minute, then 3 minutes at 24 per minute and then 2 minutes at 26 per minute and for 1 minute at 28 strokes per minute. Then the stoke schedule is reversed. You will be able to improve consistency and endurance while rowing when you follow this strategy and you will be able to do workouts with more confidence to accomplish complete body fitness.

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