Different Reasons of Mood Swings in a Woman


Mood swings is a common issue in every woman, today. At times, the female section of our society goes through this problem and all we have to blame are the hormones. But, this biological cause is not the culprit always. In fact, it is simply one of the causes out of various others that contribute immensely in the problem of mood swings. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Different Reasons of Mood Swings in a Woman

  • Strain and worries

Stress is not handled by everyone in the same manner. Only a few of us with great sensibility have the potential to handle it in a calm way. Most of us just break down when a lot of pressure and strain is served to us in our plate.

  • Depression

Depression is mainly prominent amongst the female section of our society. We generally feel that a depressed person only expresses sorrow. But grief is not the only symptom of depression. There are various cases of depression in which the patient reacts through anger or agitation. Many a times, the women do not realize that depression can also be a reason for their mood swing.

  • Bipolar disorder

This kind of disorder is generally underestimated or ignored by people. Depression is still taken seriously and ladies do consult a doctor for the same. But, certain situations when their mood bends towards an opposite extreme phase – manic are completely ignored by themselves only. In a manic phase, patients gain a lot of energy and do a lot of things out of excitement. At times, they do not feel any need to sleep, spend a lot without any reason or do things which are over ambitious. This is a major reason for mood swings in females.

  • Sleepless Nights

With lack of proper sleep, ladies can go through a lot of moments full of irritation. An apt sleep is very important for all of us. Females, who compromise on their sleep, find it very difficult to handle the stressors of life.

  • Sugar and Caffeine

Not every one of us can handle caffeine. Some can handle around one to two cups in a day but for others, its consumption in excess can result in nervousness, heart palpitations and a great influence on the mood. The same case is with sugar. Initially, it will give you a lot of energy but when it starts wearing off it depletes your entire energy and affects our mood.

  • Alcohol and drugs

The consumption of both drugs and alcohol influence our mood to great extent. Females, who consumer them not only deal with physical problems but mental problems as well. That’s why they go through the problem of mood swings due to their intake.

Besides these, miscarriage and abortion can also be reasons for mood swings in women.

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