Avoid the Flu with These Tips


It is flu season and the virus is going around. Relying on traditional medicine sometimes takes time to kick in and it doesn’t always work. If you have the flu you know that it takes you down and out. Missing work or school can add up to a lot of stress. Your stress levels are already high this time of year, avoid the flu with these tips.

Wash your hands

Many people don’t actually wash their hands as often as they should. Washing your hands with soap and warm water will prevent many diseases. Anti-bacterial soaps and sprays can kill the majority of germs too. Wash your hands as often as possible. After every meal, after you open and close doors, pick up kids or pets, answer the telephone, the list goes on..the more you wash your hands the cleaner and safer you will be.

Eat healthy food

if you focus on eating foods that are good for you such as fresh greens, kale, or steamed spinach or lettuce, you’ll feel better and you can also help prevent diseases. Because a diet rich in leafy greens that is a high-quality diet of protein and vitamins and minerals will help your health.

Eating berries whether they’re frozen or fresh will also provide a very good foundation for your overall health. They have antioxidants which can reduce inflammation and fruits and vegetables keep your immune system healthy.


Drink up

Keeping hydrated is very important this time of year because the weather changes and as it often gets cooler we don’t think to drink as much water. However, the more water you drink the more you can prevent dehydration and also increase your internal organs health.

Keeping your body hydrated is important, you’ll feel more energy and you will feel connected.  Water is also a very good tool to keep your teeth clean. When you Drink water it flushes around in your mouth and can remove unwanted food particles that stick on your teeth. People who drink a lot of water often have less cavities.

Sleep often

People who get enough rest at night often avoid the flu. When you have a body that is well rested your whole entire body functions of better. You can practice distressing before you go to bed each night by relaxing and taking in deep breath. By practicing stress reducing techniques right before you go to bed you can improve your immune system

Just because it’s flu season doesn’t mean you have to get the flu practice these healthy tips to feel better and stay healthy this holiday season.

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