Does HGH Use Increase the Risk of Cancer?


HGH supplements are surrounded by a lot of myths about their safety and effectiveness. Mostly these supplements hit news because of doping charges on sportsmen using them or do to their abusive use. Well most of these charges are because people make abusive use of HGH supplements but there are some concerns that bother other users as well. Connection between HGH and Cancer risk is one such topic that is always a concern of any HGH user. So what is the reality behind all these claims, here we are going to find out.

The Reviews

Most of the claims of safety of HGH supplements are made in reviews. It is obvious to say that many of these reviews are either paid or loosely written still some are true. In many GenF20 Plus reviews it is mentioned by users that there is no harmful effect of oral HGH supplements. It is very true. Oral supplements are natural ingredient based HGH releasers that contain no synthetic HGH. It is needless to say that oral HGH supplements like GenF20 Plus and HyperGH 14x are not at all harmful.

HGH Injections

The real threat is from use of injectible HGH supplements for the purpose of anti aging. Most people simply chose to make use of oral HGH supplements without any consideration or medical consultation. According to Michael Pollak, MD it is wrong. He quoted on WebMD that, “Almost half of growth hormone sold today is not for hormone deficiency — it is for people who want to feel young again….they say, ‘This may help me and it has no risks.’  He adds that this approach can be very dangerous as taking HGH injections inappropriately without considering one’s age can be lethal as well.

Use of HGH injections is authorized for medical purposes. There is necessity to use synthetic HGH for treatment of conditions like Turner Syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome. However the risk of death increases by 30% in children treated with HGH injections.

HGH and Cancer

HGH supplements help in growth of muscles and regeneration of cells. Cancer cells are also benefited from use of HGH supplements which results in their progressed growth.  Therefore it is best in your interest to avoid using these supplements if you have cancer.

But there is no evidence to prove that HGH supplement cause cancer. These supplements are harmful only if you are already suffering from cancer.

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