What you don’t know about HGH


HGH supplements are often taken as the source of easy nutrition to build muscles and to fight aging signs. Interesting none of these were the factors which lead to the discovery of these supplements. In 1920’s HGH supplements were developed to cure medical problems that affect the physical growth and development in kids. As the words about these supplements spread, many brands got interested in the performance enhancing and muscle building benefits of growth hormones. Now supplement markets are flooded with products that are based on growth hormones. Still there is a lot about these supplements that people are not aware of. Here in this discussion we are going to make you aware of these facts.

The Immunity

Have you ever noticed how fragile and immune deficient newborns are? When we are born there is very little production of growth hormones in our body. As we start aging the GH production goes exponentially high. GH production is at its peak during our teenage years and as long as we are young adults. However as we start reaching our 40s there is steep decline in production of these hormones. Old people have the same immune deficiency as newborns. This can be attributed at a large extend to decline in level of growth hormones. There your longevity is dependent on the levels of growth hormones in your body. They are not important just for muscle building or keeping you young but also for your survival.

Skin Cancer

Another interesting aspect of GH impact on our body is found during treatment of skin cancer. It is found that people high on HGH have self treated minor malignancies which later on develop into full cancers. You immunity and growth hormone level decides your chances of suffering from skin cancer in advanced later of your life.

Brain Health

Little do people believe that use of Best HGH supplements can benefit their psychological health as well. It is found that higher growth hormone level helps in fighting memory problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s in elders. Also it makes brain more alert thereby improving memory and focus.

On repair of nervous tissue damage as well, growth hormones have a substantial impact. These hormones help in better protein synthesis which helps in repairing broken muscles and nerves.

These are some uncommon benefits of HGH supplements people are not at all aware of. You can better your health as well as quality of life with these supplements.

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