Eating Vs. Smoking Weed; Which Way Is Healthier?


It has been a while since marijuana has been recognised for its multiple health benefits; both mental and physical. There are many mental health centres now that strongly advocate the use of medical marijuana for improvement of mental and physical health conditions like anxiety and chronic pain.

However, a lot of medical marijuana users and advocates including doctors, still consider smoking marijuana to be the best mode of consumption. Many of them are oblivious of the fact that eating weed can be just as effective or perhaps even more. In fact, Rae Thompson at Buy Weed Online Canada suggests eating weed over smoking as it is healthier.

Eating Vs. Smoking Weed

Now let’s examine the effects of both methods.

Effects of smoking weed

  • Smoking provides a direct path for THC and cannabinoids to the brain
  • The effects and high feeling can be felt immediately after a hit
  • This can be in the form of euphoria, creative thoughts, relaxation or excessive energy
  • The effects start wearing off and disappear in the following few hours
  • It is much easier to control the amount of THC being taken in and you can learn more about how does THC affect the brain

Effects of smoking weed

Effects of eating weed

  • When eating it requires a longer time for the weed to be processed
  • For the same reason, it takes about 20 or 30 minutes for the psychoactive effects to kick in
  • This time lag between consumption and experience of effects, creates a bigger chance for overdose
  • The effects take longer to wear off as well

Effects of eating weed

Which is healthier?

While it is more relaxing and soothing to smoke weed sometimes, there are several concerns. It is the rolling process put together with the calm and creative conversations that follow smoking weed that makes it much more preferred than eating. However, since it involves combustion, it can be quite toxic and carcinogenic for health. For the same reason, a lot of smokers have even started to move to vaping since it does not involve combustion.

In the case of edibles, there is obviously no combustion at all. The only health hazard that could arise is if it is consumed in the form of junk food and sugar rich foods like brownies, biscuits and cake. Nutrient rich and healthy wholesome food can also be consumed with marijuana like guacamole for example. There is also canna butter which can be added to wheat breads.

Which is healthier

Simply put, eating weed is a healthier option as long as it is under control.

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