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Diabetes is a serious illness, which must be carefully managed on a routine basis. Rakesh Malik, MD, and the Doctors First community of physician assistants provide extensive medical attention to children, men, and women in Germantown, Maryland, and Rockville, Gaithersburg. Consult with a Germantown diabetes specialist to determine how you could remain healthy with diabetes. Get started today by calling the office or requesting an initial consultation online.

What is the Relationship Between Insulin and Diabetes?

Insulin is a vital hormone produced by the pancreas to assist in regulating blood sugar levels. Its principal function is to remove glucose from your blood and transport it to your fat, muscles, as well as the liver for use as energy. Insulin is referred to as the storage hormone since it transports extra glucose to the liver for future use.

Glucose is a type of sugar, which comes from the meals we consume. It is the principal energy source for your body.

What Exactly is Diabetes?

Diabetes occurs once your body does not properly digest blood sugar and does not react to conventional insulin doses. Diabetes is classified into two categories, including:

v  Type 1

  • Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which your body is unable to produce insulin. As a result, adults and kids with Type 1 diabetes must take additional insulin.
  • Type 1 diabetes is incurable, but breakthroughs in knowledge and treatment have made it feasible to maintain constant blood sugar levels to remain healthy.
  • Type 1 diabetes symptoms include weight loss, intense thirst and urination, impaired eyesight, and exhaustion.

v  Type 2

  • Type 2 diabetes, the most prevalent form, usually occurs in maturity. Type 2 diabetes develops following years of insulin excess production caused by sedentary lifestyle variables and poor diet. You are insulin intolerant if you have Type 2 diabetes since your body no longer reacts to insulin properly.
  • Type 2 diabetes symptoms include abnormal thirst, weight loss or increase, copious urination with an odd odor, and darker skin in your armpit or groin.

What is the Treatment for Diabetes?

Diabetes care starts with lifestyle and dietary adjustments. The overall guideline to limit sugary foods, limit starchy foods, and engage in regular physical activity extends to type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Doctors First’s expert doctors assist you in monitoring and maintaining careful control of your diabetes, whether you require insulin or oral medicine. Dr. Malik or one of Doctors First’s medical assistants will monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, inspect your body and feet for signs of sickness, maintain your medications fully updated, and offer new procedures or therapies as they emerge.

Doctors First’s primary care providers are concerned about their patients’ needs and health objectives, and they provide flexible hours to suit hectic schedules. Doctors First’s professional clinicians provide a comprehensive variety of treatments to assist people in avoiding disease and promote their wellness. Patients enjoy the welcoming environment, pleasant personnel, skilled practitioners, and excellent communication. If you are battling diabetes and require assistance, please call or use the online booking tool to arrange an appointment.

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