Why an OBGYN Visit Is Important for Every Woman


Every woman needs to make an annual visit to their obstetrician-gynecologist or OBGYN for routine screening and treatment of underlying conditions. You can benefit from various services for the benefit of your overall health. These services start at adolescence and continue through childbearing and menopause ages. Naturally, a woman should see an OBGYN from the age of 13, especially if there are some medical issues. Your Manassas OBGYN offers reproductive services such as pelvic examination, Pap smear, cancer screening, and treatment of various infections. Before you schedule a visit, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Here is why an OBGYN visit is essential for every woman.

Physical Examination

During an OBGYN visit, a physical examination is the first stage and involves evaluating your overall well-being. It is comprehensive and the doctor observes your vital signs and determines your body mass index. They also assess the palpation of the abdomen, conduct pelvic exams, and other clinical tests.

Prenatal and Postnatal Visits

Your OBGYN also helps with pregnancy-related issues to ensure the safe delivery of your baby. During a prenatal visit, the OBGYN assesses your medical history and conducts several tests, such as blood and urine tests. You can also have an ultrasound depending on the progress of the pregnancy. Any underlying issues are quickly identified during a prenatal visit and treatment is recommended. Your OBGYN ensures safe delivery, and even after the baby comes, you can continue with follow-up visits.

Menstruation Issues

If you have an issue with your menstrual cycle, then an OBGYN will be your best ally. Ignoring such issues can escalate into reproductive complications in the future. For example, you can visit a specialist when you experience irregular periods or heavy bleeding.

Breast Examination

Every woman needs to go for a breast screening every year, especially those above 40 years or you have a history of breast cancer in your family. It can help identify breast lumps and other underlying issues.

Pelvic Examination

Every woman over 21 years should have a pelvic examination every year. Such a test is necessary for women experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge, menstrual problems, and infertility. Also, you can benefit from treatment if you have pelvic pain or abnormal bleeding.

Pap Smear

A pap smear can help unearth cervical cancer in early stages, and it is recommended for women over 21 years. It is a quick and straightforward examination that can help save your life.

Birth Control

A sexually active woman can benefit from birth control programs offered by the OBGYN. Here, you will receive family planning and birth control advice. You will also get to know the available options depending on your needs.

Treatment for Infections and Various Conditions

You can seek the intervention of an OBGYN to treat various infections that can manifest in the form of vaginal discharge, foul odor, or blood in your urine. Also, you can receive treatment for other conditions such as painful sex and cramps during menstruation.

As you can see, many scenarios necessitate a visit to an OBGYN. Schedule an appointment with the specialists at Capital Women’s Care for routine examination and treatment.

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