How Dental Implants Can Transform Your Smile


Millions of people all over the United States report tooth loss as they get older. Additionally, tooth loss can make it difficult for a person to accomplish eating, making them thin and frail. Dental implants stand as the best way to have an accomplished adult life with a full set of teeth. A Boca Raton, FL dentist has the right tools and treatments to give your mouth a makeover that will last. Essentially, dental implants resemble your original teeth, giving you a redefinition of confidence and fulfillment as you age. The experienced specialists at SEDA Dental are welcoming to patients seeking dental implants.

How can dental implants help replace lost teeth?

Tooth loss comes from various factors. Consequently, some reason for missing teeth in your mouth could be a disease or an accident. Major reasons for tooth loss include facial trauma, periodontal disease, and aging. However, you can also lose your teeth through normal wear and tear that occurs through eating.

Tooth loss causes a wide range of personal issues that reduce your productivity when associating with peers. Without a full set of teeth, you will become more self-conscious about smiling and may withdraw from social situations. Additionally, an extreme dental issue can limit your ability to take in food, affecting your overall health. Teeth also help keep your jawbone in check, and with missing teeth your jawbone will begin losing mass which will result in a sunken-in look.

Dental implants come in such situations to help you eat and confidently talk to other people. SEDA Dental uses various tactics to reinforce your new set of teeth to make sure they can accomplish your ordinary daily activities. Your doctor will likely use a titanium-based tooth root that goes into a tooth gap. You will need to wait until the titanium fuses with the jawbone firmly before receiving dental crown procedures to rejuvenate your long lost laugh.

Who can have a dental implant?

Dental implants can fit anyone with any dental issue. You can have a complete set of implants or replace a single tooth. SEDA Dental uses a new technology called All-on-4 that strategically anchors a full set of implants to cover many missing teeth. Implants work better when the jawbone offers the right support base. However, in the case where you lack a strong baseline, your doctor can offer a bone grafting technique that will ensure your dental implants will stay securely in your mouth, making you able to eat the hardest meals without complications. Additionally, your dentist does all the assessments to decide your suitability for any grafting procedure you may require.

What to Expect During a Tooth Replacement Appointment

Grafting occurs in various stages. First you will receive an assessment to determine the extent of tooth damage and the amount of grafting needed. Following the assessment, a plan will be put together for the tooth replacement procedure itself. Your dentist begins by numbing the mouth around the treatment area before attaching the titanium dental implant on the jawbone.

Smile and laugh better with dental replacement procedures from SEDA Dental. Regain the full potential of your teeth even as you age. Call the center or book your appointment online to get back your smile.

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