Improve Your Health with the Care of a Leading Nurse Practitioner in Humble, Texas


Have you ever thought of what it takes to be a medical care provider? The provision of primary medical care cannot be successful without the presence of qualified care providers. Indeed, we owe them invaluable respect for their devotion and service to ensuring we live healthy lives. Calvary Urgent Care specializes in providing urgent care, primary care, and occupational medicine to improve people’s lives. The practice operates under the leadership of Joseph Goin, MD, a medical doctor, and Terrance Menard, a nurse practitioner in Humble, TX. For any of your health concerns, feel free to visit them for quality services you can trust.

Who is a nurse practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with advanced training. In most cases, he can perform the duties of a medical doctor including diagnosing and prescribing medication. A nurse practitioner can also specialize in a specific area of medicine e.g., pediatrics or psychiatric. They can perform under a medical doctor or on their own.

What are the qualifications of a nurse practitioner?

Qualifications of a nurse practitioner differ in various states. However, a master’s degree is a primary requirement in many parts of the world. For you to qualify to become a nurse practitioner, you need to have a master’s degree, bachelor’s degree in nursing, a license, and board certification. As many people do, you can first work as a registered nurse then later pursue a master’s degree now to become a nurse practitioner.

What are the roles of a nurse practitioner?

Nurse practitioners generally perform the role of educating patients and providing relevant information about their prescribed treatments and preventative measures. They can act as a physician or as a primary care provider with some prescribing medications. Nurse practitioners’ roles depend on their area of specialization. They include:

Primary care nurse practitioners

They offer general primary care in clinics and hospitals. They perform roles such as conducting check-ups, prescribing medications, providing treatment plans, and preventative medicine.

Geriatric nurse practitioners

A geriatric nurse practitioner provides care and treatment for the elderly. They also counsel them and their families.

Pediatric nurse practitioners

They specialize in providing care for children in a pediatric ward.

Psychiatric nurse practitioner

A psychiatric nurse practitioner works alongside psychiatrists and psychologists. In this case, they may act as therapists and prescribe medications.

Services offered by a nurse practitioner

At Calvary Urgent Care, Terrance Menard, a nurse practitioner, is highly qualified to provide diagnosis and treatment for various health conditions. He offers compassionate care for diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, endocrine imbalance, thyroid disorders, and hormone treatment for men. The board-certified nurse practitioner also has the specifications of performing minor procedures such as incision, joint injection, simple suturing, among others.

Nurse practitioners play vital roles in ensuring we get quality and effective healthcare. They strive to meet our needs and health concerns through compassionate and extensive care. Calvary Urgent Care is your one-stop-shop for all your healthcare needs. Nurse Practitioner, Terrance Menard, is caring and ensures you get the best experience while in their offices. For your family care and emergency needs, it’s the place to be. Visit them today in Humble, Texas, for services to promote and enhance your health.

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