How to Become an Animator in 2022


Animators are a very important part of the film and television industry, creating visual effects, special features, 3D animated videos and cartoons for a variety of platforms. Their work can be seen in millions of movies and television shows. Working with these artists can also help you develop your artistic skills and personal development. The future for this field is very bright, with more than 66,500 jobs predicted to be available in the next few years.

Animators should begin developing their skills as soon as possible. They should create a portfolio online, which can include both short demo reels and longer work samples. Each piece should contain a description of how it was created and what it was meant to achieve. In addition to this, animators should include a short bio or background information and contact details.

In order to become an animator, one needs a bachelor’s degree. This degree can be in fine arts, computer graphics, or animation. There are also some specialized bachelor’s degree programs in this field. While studying, aspiring animators usually create a portfolio of their work. They may also need to complete self-study to master the tools they will be using on the job.

The demand for animators is expected to increase in the coming years, with an expected 8 percent increase in employment opportunities over the next 10 years. Animators create work for film and television shows, mobile apps, and video games. In order to get hired as an animator, one should have a portfolio of high-quality work and a good understanding of computer art applications.

Does an Artist/Animator Need a Website?

An artist/animator must be able to show potential clients their work and develop their portfolio. This could lead to picking up new clients, getting new jobs, or having your pieces sold on an eCommerce UK store. This means having a website, a showreel, and a portfolio with shot lists. You will also need to be able to show your tertiary qualification.

While you may not need a website to showcase your work, it will help your portfolio stand out. A great website will showcase your portfolio in a clean and well-organized format. The pieces should be carefully curated and display your work in a way that is not overwhelming. It should also have your contact information, resume, and brief background. You can use a website service like Format or a free website builder to create your portfolio.

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