Is the Dental Implant the Best Option to Replace Missing Teeth?


If you have a missing tooth or teeth, there are different ways to replace them. Among these cases, we can refer to dental bridges, dentures, and implants. Long ago, the only option to replace your lost teeth was dentures. People were unsatisfied with dentures and complained that these tooth replacement options slipped while chewing and talking. The number of patients who felt discomfort with their false teeth was countless. However, these days, the mentioned problems have been solved, and there are advanced, comfortable dentures. But still, as an experienced, knowledgeable dentist emphasizes, dental implants are the most popular method with the most advantages. According to specialists from a dental implants center in Vaughan, having a successful implant surgery depends primarily upon your oral health. If you want to know why a dental implant is better than other tooth replacement options, continue reading this article.

Advantages of This Method

Having the Same Function as Natural Teeth

When it comes to dental implants, there is a titanium metal inserted in the patient’s jawbone that is highly compatible with the human body. On the other hand, there is also a dental crown that makes the shape of this false tooth look like a natural tooth. That is why it is repeated that an implanted tooth is completely similar to natural teeth both in terms of function and appearance. By filling the tooth’s space, the implant can solve the problems caused to the person while eating or speaking. People who have done this treatment will chew food better, and their teeth will function properly, compared to people who have not yet taken steps to replace their missing teeth.

Having High Durability

One of the biggest and most important advantages is the high durability of this false tooth so that it is considered a kind of permanent treatment. If a person observes his oral and dental hygiene in principle after his treatment, one can expect a lifespan of about 25 years from this cosmetic dental process.

Help Prevent Bone Loss

Another influential advantage of this method is that it is a powerful barrier to prevent jawbone degeneration. When a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone is no longer active to maintain the tooth; as a result, it gradually loses bone mass, which is called bone loss. Over time, this condition can weaken the entire jaw and make a person face pathological diseases.


Despite all the mentioned advantages, some disadvantages should also be considered. Of course, it is worth stating that these negative points do not outweigh the positive points, and considering the positive points that just some of them are mentioned in this article, it is definitely worth going for this treatment to replace your missing teeth.

High Cost

The high cost of dental implants is known to be one of its disadvantages. Almost all people consider implant treatment very expensive, which is one of the most important factors that have caused many to give up dental implants. But you should know that if you check the side costs of other methods similar to this treatment, you will conclude that it is not as costly as others believe.

The Possibility of Needing More than One Surgery

You should know that dental implant implantation requires sufficient bone density. If your jaw does not have this density, bone grafting should be performed to compensate for this deficiency.

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