Kickstart your summer and work on your summer body


Get rid of unwanted weight, look great and feel confident. Strive for a toned, fit summer body and join a gym in Los Angeles.

Bolder fitness

Go for a better version of you, feel stronger and fit; visit Bolder Fitness. Specializing in private training, a personalized plan is created to meet your goals accordingly. At Bolder Fitness, It’s so personal that everyone knows your name and are part of a community. Three memberships are available to suit your needs, Choose from gold, silver or bronze. For gym devotees, best bet is a gold membership with 24/7 access.

Experienced and certified trainers will help you lose weight, tone muscle and burn fat through different methods like weight training, trx and core/stability training. For personal training no membership is required, pick from 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 sessions. Be prepared to be pushed your hardest for exceptional results. Trainers help you feel comfortable, gain confidence and keep your goals on track.

Ferrum Fitness

If you are having trouble achieving your fitness goals, look no more and stop by Ferrum Fitness. Take classes to get sweatin’ and in shape. Pick one class, get a pack or go for a monthly membership (includes gym membership). Take advantage of 2 free classes to see how Ferrum Fitness can help you reach your goals faster.

Personal training is also available and requires gym membership. With one-on-one personal training you’ll see results happening before youeyes. Schedule your free consultation and see how you’ll change your body.

Whether you’re just getting started or are a gym enthusiast, Ferrum Fitness has something for you.


Don’t be part of the crowd, train differently, and head to UFC Gym. Get in the best shape of your life and feel like you belong. Go beyond your goals and and get support from the UFC gym community. Choose from general fitness, group fitness, functional fitness or mixed martial arts. Bring your game on, be determined and feel better every time you train. Take advantage of the free pass and train free to discover what UFC gym has for you. No matter your fitness level or age, you can reach your goals through discipline.

Make your body standout this summer, visit your closest Los Angeles gym and start incinerating fat off.

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