Memory Testing Options Offered at Delray Medical & Dental


As you get older, you may likely experience constant memory loss. Recent studies show that not all memory loss is related to dementia. If left unchecked, memory loss can make you lose memories you created along with friends and family. Delray Medical and Dental is a medical clinic in Delray Beach, FL, offering all-inclusive tests and treatments for memory loss.

Causes of Memory Loss

Forming and retaining short and long-term memories requires the coordination of various brain parts, brain chemicals, and healthy nerves. Damaging your brain cells and brain nerves can limit your functioning and ability to retain good and bad memories.

Major complications linked to memory loss include:

  •       Epilepsy and seizure disorders
  •       Traumatic brain injuries
  •       Brain infections and tumors
  •       Thyroid disorders
  •       Excess alcohol intake
  •       Some medications
  •       Cancer treatment
  •       Dementia
  •       Stroke

Conditions like bipolar disorder and depression are also linked to memory loss.

Memory Loss and Dementia

Dementia is a broad term that refers to a collection of symptoms like confusion, memory loss, changes to your personality, cognitive skills, and behavior. For dementia that arises from a medical condition, treating the underlying disease can reverse your symptoms.

Some types of dementia get progressively worse and could threaten your life’s quality due to the lack of known cures. Such conditions include:

  • Frontotemporal dementia
  • Lewy body dementia
  • Vascular dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Memory loss is recognized as the earliest sign of the last three dementia types. In the case of frontotemporal dementia, you may have personality and behavioral changes before memory loss.

Memory Testing Offered at Delray Medical & Dental

At Delray Medical & Dental, you are recommended for a memory test designed specifically for your needs. After a concussion, you are required to answer various questions evaluating your long-term recall, short-term memory, and ability to stay attentive.

For dementia, you may qualify for the tests highlighted below.

ü  General practitioner assessment of cognition (GPCOG)

GPCOG is designed to collect detailed information within the shortest time possible. You are required to give your address, name, date, and names of your acquaintances. The procedure also involves simple activities like drawing a clock or talking about trending issues from recent news.

Your doctor also goes the extra mile to share with somebody that knows you well. In this case, your family or friend answers questions about changes in your memory and personality to discover whether you have challenges managing money, remembering words, or speaking.

ü  Mini-Cog™

Your doctor at Delray Medical and Dental may recommend a mini-cog test for its efficiency and the little time required to complete it. The doctor may ask you to narrate three words, draw a clock displaying a precise time, and then remember the three words.

ü  Neuropsychological evaluation

Suppose a GPCOG or Mini-Cog shows that you have traces of memory loss. In that case, your doctor may recommend a comprehensive neuropsychology assessment to assess your executive function, language, behavior, mood, processing speed, and attention.

Bottom Line

For concerns about memory loss, contact Delray Medical & Dental to book an appointment at your convenience. Your doctor uses a comprehensive test to determine the extent of damage and draft a fully personalized treatment plan.

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