5 Types of Bariatric Surgeries that You Should Know About


With so many people being overweight because of lifestyle habits, available options of reducing weight without exercising have become available today. Bariatric surgeries are a lifesaver to overweight individuals. If you have a problem with your weight you can opt to go for the surgery, however determining the right surgery for you can be challenging. You need a specialist to advise you on the best option. LoneStar Bariatrics clinic is one of these clinics. The expert at the health facility will guide you through the surgery options.

Gastric Bypass

This is the most common surgical procedure and the oldest, dating back almost 20 years. The procedure has three steps. The first one involves the surgeon stapling your stomach to reduce your food consumption. Secondly, the surgeon will divide your small intestine in two by attaching the lower part to your small stomach pouch to reduce the absorption of calories. Thirdly, the surgeon attaches the upper part of your small intestine to a new location further down on the lower part of your small intestine to allow easier digestion and influence reduced appetite.

Gastric Sleeve

Also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy, this procedure involves the removal of your stomach by the surgeon, only leaving the banana-shaped section that is stapled back together. This surgery reduces your consumption. You can only eat food that can fit your stomach and not more. You will end up getting full sooner than expected. By you opting for a part of your stomach to be taken out, your hormones or bacteria may be affected, reducing your appetite and influencing your metabolism.

Adjustable Gastric Banding

This is a less common weight loss surgery as it is involved with complications. Gastric banding involves the surgeon placing an adjustable silicone band around your upper area of the stomach. The band is used to regulate your consumption of food as it minimizes food intake, making you full with a small amount of food. The surgeon can adjust the opening of the pouch through the injecting or removal of the saline solution in the band. You will need proper follow-up after this surgery to avoid complications.

Gastric Balloon

This is one of the most unique weight loss techniques as it involves a deflated balloon placed in your stomach by a certified surgeon through the mouth. Once the balloon is in place in the required stomach placement area, it is filled with saline solution. This provides you with a sense of being full, reducing food intake, and curbing hunger. It is not advisable, however, to have a gastric balloon procedure if you have had another weight loss surgery.

Vagal Blockade

You can also have this procedure to assist you in your weight loss. It involves the use of an implanted pacemaker that relays regular electrical impulses to your vagus nerve signaling to your brain that your stomach is full. The implant device is operated with a remote control and is placed under the rib cage.

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Many people suffer from low self-esteem because of their weight. Being overweight can lead to various body complications that can be fatal. It is always wise to take care of your health and ensure that you stay within the required weight. However, this is not easy as many people hate exercising because it involves a lot of physical activities. You can now relax because bariatric surgery will sort out your weight problem. If you have a weight problem, visit Dr. Carlton at his clinic and discuss the best weight loss surgery for you. Call now to book your appointment.

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