Overcoming The Weight Loss Plateau With Some Easy Tips


It happens a lot of time that you may exercise and eat the right type of food but you are unable to lose even a pound of weight. This is what fitness expert’s call as a weight loss plateau. This is caused because of the body’s resistance to lose weight. However overcoming this phase is not impossible. With the correct weight loss tips you can easily conquer the dreaded weight loss plateau. Mentioned below are ten steps to follow.

Overcoming The Weight Loss Plateau With Some Easy Tips

Say no to a fad diet: In order to lose weight you need to modify your lifestyle and eating habits. Be smart about the food choices that you make. Do not follow a diet that celebrities promote, something that works for them may not work for you. Balance your food intake and eat plenty of fruits and leafy vegetables

Increase your protein intake: by eating products containing protein you will feel satiated for a longer time period. This will prevent you from binge eating. Protein is found in eggs, dairy products and chicken. Proteins help to break down fat and build muscle in its place.

Physical activity is a must: Your body can do amazing things when it’s pushed to its limits. Try new exercise routines after every few weeks so that your body does not become used to one type of activity. Try different types of cardio vascular activities and circuit training as well.

Keep a check on your calorie intake: While trying to lose weight the amount of calories and protein that one needs to consume also become different. You may not be eating enough of protein or consuming too many or too less calories that what are required by your body. This gives a reason for you not to lose weight as well.

Do not starve yourself: a rule that all fitness experts swear by is never to starve in order to lose weight. By not eating your metabolism will slow down and make the entire process of losing weight all the more difficult. Eat 5 small meals in a day with a time interval of a few hours. This will ensure that you do not reach out for a chocolate when you feel hungry as you will feel full throughout the day.

Be stress free: there is no point in being stressed out or feeling angry if you are on a weight loss plateau. It is not good for you or your body. Try to remain calm. You could meditate, take a long walk or even practice yoga to calm your nerves down. If you like listening to music, then make sure you do that so that it rejuvenates you from time to time.

Visit the doctor: if you have been trying very hard to lose weight but have been unsuccessful then perhaps it’s time to visit the doctor. So that it can be made certain if your hormone levels are in check or not. Since they can be a reason not to lose weight.

Be realistic: losing weight needs time and patience. It does not happen overnight, it takes at least 3 week for you to see the changes and 6-7 weeks for outsiders to notice a change. Be patient and reach your goals slowly.

Lift weights: people think that by lifting weights you add muscles to your body. However that is not true by lifting weights your body tends to burn off fat at a faster pace and increases your metabolism as well.

Be more active: live an active life. Try to use the stairs rather than the elevator. If your work place is close by then walk to it instead of driving. Small changes will go a long way to lose weight.

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