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Missing teeth could appear to be a cosmetic problem, but whenever one or two teeth are absent, health concerns occur. The issues that arise as a result of losing teeth often compound. For instance, once your natural teeth are lost, you may lose the capability to chew correctly. Afterwards, the teeth on each side of the gap where your tooth ought to be will begin to close in. By leveraging a conservative, yet comprehensive solution, advanced technology, such as caring, individualized care, Arman Dayan, DDS, of Orange Coast Dental Specialty, has identified himself as the best implant & cosmetic dentist in Huntington Beach, CA. Arrange an appointment through mobile or book online today to get started.

Dr. Dayan’s Bio

Throughout his practice, Arman Dayan, DDS, has carved out a niche as a highly-skilled cosmetic and implant dentist as well as a caring and committed physician. He is honored to assist his patients at Orange Coast Dental Specialty in Huntington Beach, CA, where he has established himself as a pioneer in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.

Dr. Dayan has always put his heart and soul into his academics. Because of his persistence, he became one of the youngest Doctor of Dental Surgery graduate students from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco, CA.

Dr. Dayan not only graduated at 22 years, but he also received distinctions for his academic achievements. Dr. Dayan has remained committed to his studies ever since, earning further accreditation from the California Dental Institute in implant restoration, bone grafting, guided implant surgery, as well as complicated dental implant surgery.

The American Association for Functional Orthodontics, the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, the World Clinic Laser Institute, the International Association of Orthodontics, and the American College of Oral Implantology have all granted Dr. Dayan certification. What’s more, he has also been named by Health TAP as California’s Top Cosmetic Dentist.

What Care Options Does Dr. Dayan Offer?

Cosmetic dentistry concentrates on improving the aesthetics of your teeth, whereas implant dentistry specializes in replacing missing or knocked-out teeth. An implant could be necessary to substitute a tooth that has been severely damaged by decay or to restore one, which is excessively worn. The two dental disciplines collide in most situations since clients who require implants often require extra aesthetic procedures to achieve the ideal smile.

As an expert in both fields, Dr. Dayan can provide you with the most comprehensive care you require. Employing CEREC 3D technology, he can offer metal-free veneers and crowns on the same day, thus minimizing patients’ time by removing the need for several sessions. Patients can also access total mouth reconstruction, TMJ therapy, bridges, Botox, Clear Correct services, and smile rejuvenation.

Dr. Dayan and the Orange Coast Dental Specialty staff are committed to assisting you in achieving your goals and enhancing the wellness and look of your smile. To discover more concerning how they could assist you, call or book an appointment online to arrange your initial visit.

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