Pilates Exercises Weight Loss


Learn 3 simple Pilates exercises to slim and shape the waist, flatten the tummy and lift the buttocks


3 Exercises Pilates for Weight Loss

There are many slimming Pilates movements that surely want to consider and implement as soon as possible. Here we have 3 simple Pilates exercises to lose weight, whether you want to prevent or treat obesity, build muscle, or maybe flatten, tone and achieve the body you always wanted, with improved posture and health.

Pilates Weight Loss: Exercise 1

For this first Pilates exercise for weight loss, spread a mat on the floor and get comfortable clothes. Put on your knees (spaced less than shoulder width) and posing palms of your hands flat on the floor, at the height of your shoulders and arms outstretched. Inhale deeply and exhale, wearing a knee toward your chest, separating the ground and focusing it on your body. Inhale as you turn round with the knee and, as you exhale, your chest about the other knee.

Do 10 repetitions on each leg, and then adds two more moves: exhale bringing your right knee on center chest, inhale to return to the original pose and exhale bringing the left knee. Inhale, return to the starting pose, exhale and this time bring the right knee to left elbow (without touching or touching the ground), inhale, and exhale bringing the left knee to your right elbow. These 4 movements count as 1 full repetition. In total, make 10 complete repetitions.

As you progress through this exercise Pilates, Iron clinicians in position or Flex: postnasal with palms on the floor at the height of the shoulders and legs stretched back, buttocks aligned with the spine, such as making a diagonal line between your back and legs. Controls the movement of the body, do the exercises slowly to not move sideways or lose spinal alignment. Remember to keep his gaze to the floor so that your head aligned with the spine too.

Slimming Pilates: Exercise 2

Then we will make a Pilates exercise thinner upper body.

Get in position Iron: pointed toes, legs straight back and bent to pose the only knees apart, palms of hands resting on the floor below the shoulders, as if you’ll do pushups. Keep the chest open and shoulders away from your ears, and tense your navel toward your spine to maintain a constant abdominal tension by making all Pilates exercises for weight loss.

Inhale and exhale, take your chest toward the floor, bending your elbows back (keep them close to your body) and not sideways. Do not lean on the ground. Inhale as you return to propel you upward, and repeated a total of 10 pushups. As you gain experience in Pilates exercise you begin the movement with well-spread legs back.

Slimming Pilates: Exercise 3

Finally, the core work, i.e. the central zone of the body where our power (and the harder area also shape) is concentrated. Sit up straight and well aligned spine. Stretch your legs forward if you can, or bend your knees to pose the feet as far from your buttocks as possible, maximizing its effectiveness. Inhale as you lie on the floor, stretching back well to do without help with your hands.

Interlock your hands behind your head, holding her neck to avoid working from the neck. Also, make sure you always keep separate chin to your chest, and work from your abs and not from the arms or neck. As you exhale, shoulders off the floor as much as possible, without overtaxing your body. These are exercises in Pilates for weight loss, and not to be exaggerated muscles click the controlled movement and consciously, without provoke pain. Keep your shoulders detached from the floor for about 2-4 seconds and returns to the floor without resting at all. Repeated a total of 10 times this movement.

These 3 simple Pilates exercises to lose weight will not take too long, and can make them even without experience. As you practice them over and over, you’ll see that you have more energy and toning the body easily.

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