Post pregnancy diet


During pregnancy the body undergoes some modifications that allow you to nourish and protect the embryo above.

That is why after pregnancy many women want to make a diet to regain its former constitution and lose kilos and body mass have gained during the pregnancy.

Post pregnancy diet

First it is necessary to note that the shape of the breasts, wide waist, hip and abdomen bulging pronounced, are a direct consequence of the recent period of pregnancy, keep in mind that, immediately after pregnancy begins breastfeeding with this baby and breastfeeding the body loses large amounts of fat, calories and volume are basically the nutrients that the baby feeds.

It is for this reason that it is not advisable to stop eating because the baby needs all these nutrients to finish to develop in a healthy way.

Given that breastfeeding covers down most of the weight gained during pregnancy, it is necessary that this period will benefit both the baby and the mother so we recommend eating a balanced diet and do some kind of exercise moderate and continuously.

On the other hand it is necessary to note that as any process is slow and takes time, but you can recover the original shape more quickly if those foods needed by the body are included in the diet as carbohydrates, rice, pasta etc. . as they help to maintain the levels of blood sugar providing the energy the body needs.

Protein is one of the substances that the body needs to function properly. Including those that do not contain red meat fat, chicken, fish and low-fat dairy, always avoiding unnecessary consumption of fat is recommended.

Moreover, the fibers provident cereals, vegetables and fruit are also very healthy and necessary for both the correct functioning of the body, to lose these extra kilos, as the fibers contribute to the digestion of other substances .

Dietary habits are also very important because it can cause anxiety and these situations can lead to binge eating that are not suitable. You need to eat a balanced four times a day and do not skip meals, avoid possible stomach upsets and ensuring a constant supply of energy in the body.

In all cases, it is advisable to consult a specialist who can design a diet based on your physical characteristics as this is more likely to ensure not only the fact lose weight, but also the fact enjoy a good health necessary both to Mother and baby still thrives on it.

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