Shakeology when to drink


The question on when to drink shakeology has always been raised by concerned shakeology users who are always very eager to receive its great nutrients and would not want to miss anything from it. Shakeology as it is known is an amazing meal replacement shake that contains more than 70 natural ingredients. This shake can provide you with all the nutrients, vitamins, and proteins in just one scoop of it.

Shakeology helps you lose weight, improves your digestion and regularity, lowers your cholesterol, and increases your energy levels and immunity. A lot of people have the notion that since it is a meal replacement shake, they just take it as a snack – it should not be like that. Most people consume the shake as a morning snack. Different from many other shakes, shakeology is always meant to be consumed just once on a daily basis and there is no specific time when you should drink it. You go for what works for you best.

It can be taken before a workout and the best time to take it would be 30 – 60 minutes prior. For many individuals shakeology is not their best recommendation for a pre-workout supplement. There are other best options that would be better. Most of pre-workout supplements in the market contain nitric oxide booster which helps to promote blood flow. It is usually important when doing an intense workout. You can take the shake after a workout – the best time. Since it might not favor everyone, you can have an experiment prior to your workout and after the workout and find out what suits you best.

Shakeology is the best for pre-workout, it is highly recommended. After an intense workout, your body needs nutrients and its only shakeology which can offer you with that. It is also recommended to consume a 4:1 cabs ratio to protein. To attain it, you would need to mix a ½ a scoop of shakeology with a piece of fruit like a banana or leafy greens. Chocolate shakeology contains 17g of carbohydrates and 17g of protein so in total you would need 68g of carbs to meet the 4:1 ratio.

When you feel that you have uncontrollable cravings then that time to drink shakeology is actually now. For example, when you have a craving for chocolate, chocolate shakeology would just be the best replacement.

When is the right time to drink shakeology? That will always depend on what is best for you. It actually does not matter when you should drink it because it works perfectly on any day and any time of the day.

It all depends with what works for you on breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Do not take shakeology before doing your workout. Though I would highly recommend that shakeology should be taken in the morning, this is when your body is in a depletion state and needs nutrients which will be absorbed quickly. Having shakeology first thing in the morning just sets a good tone for the rest of the day.

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