What Leads to Blood Clots in Periods


For a female, there are some health issues during menstruation also. These few days may be troublesome as well as full of tension in some cases. Particularly when one see the clots during these days, there may be some thoughts of having something unusual with her body, and hence tension is obvious.

The clots:

Having blood clots in your periods is a very normal thing to happen. A lot of women have clots during their period. Some women might get frightened our worried about getting clots during their menstrual cycle. But it is nothing to be worried about it’s a part of the natural process that every woman goes through. A blood clot looks like a body blob-like substance that has a gel-like consistency.

The causes:

Well, in the majority of the cases they are natural and hence one does not need to worry as it is a natural process.  These clots are expelled during the period usually during the first few days when the flow is generally heavy. These clots vary in shades of red and are of different sizes. An egg is formed every month by a woman’s ovaries every month in the hope of being fertilized by a sperm. When this doesn’t happen, it starts degenerating. The lining of the uterus that prepares itself all these days for an egg to get fertilized and get implanted to the wall of the uterus also degenerates. This degeneration of the thick lining of the uterus causes menstrual bleeding. This bleeding lasts for anywhere between 3 to 7 days. It is during this bleeding that the clots are expelled. Adding to the blood, some anticoagulants are also released to break down the blood to have a smooth flow. When the bleeding is in excess, these anticoagulants fail to cope with the increased volume of blood flowing. So they are not able to break down the blood as efficiently as they otherwise do leading to the formation of these clots.

It is a normal thing and varies not just from person to person but also from period to period. On some days you may have clots done days you don’t have them at all. This situation doesn’t really require any medical intervention. All you need to do is to look for an option that’s suits your situation the best. You can either go for sanity pads that have a good absorbing and drying potential, or you also go for menstrual cups. They are safe and reusable. They are good for people who are prone to heavy flow and expulsion of clots every time. If your period lasts for more than 10 days and the flow is heavy throughout with large clots you better see your gynecologist. It is always better to seek medical attention when there is a doubt. Hormonal imbalance, miscarriage and nearing a menopause can also be reasons for having clots during periods.

In such situation when the clots change color, or there is an unbearable pain while having the clots, it is better to see your doctor and follow his instructions.

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