Tazorak in the Treatment of Psoriasis


Tazorak is an agent for the local application of a group of retinoids that are successfully used in the treatment of psoriasis. The international name of this drug is Tazaroten.

Retinoids are called drugs that are structural analogues of Vitamin A, also known as retinol. Despite the vastness of its biological functions, in this case, the most important thing for us is to contribute to the normal differentiation of tissues. We have not once said and mentioned that the violation of the division and maturation of keratinocyte skin cells is the main culprit of psoriatic plaques. But the question of why the division of these cells is violated is still open and more than one generation of scientists broke their heads to find out.

Available in the form of gels and ointments with a concentration of the active substance of 0.05% and 0.1%. A price of Tazorak in pharmacies starts from $119 (with using savings card).

How to apply Tazorak

  • Before you start using this drug, you must consult with your doctor. This is especially necessary if you diagnosed psoriasis on your own, based on photographs and small descriptions.
  • If you use vitamin A, then it must be abandoned, because its interaction with a synthetic analogue will increase the concentration in the blood and thereby increase the risk of adverse reactions.
  • It is necessary to refrain from the use of the drug until complete healing of skin lesions, including burns.
  • If your skin is sensitive to the sun, be sure to tell your doctor, because drugs of this group will further strengthen it.

It is better to start treatment with a lower concentration of the active substance – 0.05%, which will avoid serious adverse reactions. Tazorak is used for psoriasis only in the affected areas. In cases of contact with healthy skin, the drug should be removed with a cotton swab or stick. Wash hands thoroughly after application. It is necessary to use Tazorak strictly 1 time per day. If you suddenly missed the day of admission, you should not try to “catch up” with the treatment, inflicting funds 2 times or, in the hope of a speedy recovery, apply it more than expected – all this not only does not help with treatment, but can also lead to undesirable side reactions. After applying the tool, wait until it is absorbed, and then you can dress, it will not only save you from stains on clothes, but also prevent the product from getting into healthy skin.

Specialists dermatologists recommend using this drug no more than 10% – 20% of the skin. (1% – 1 your palm), in cases of large volumes of lesions, consult your doctor, you will probably jointly choose another medicine for psoriasis.

During the course of treatment with Tazorak, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight on the places of application of the drug, because of the effect of photosensitivity, this can lead to burns, the same applies to tanning beds.

The drug cannot be applied:

  1. On the front area
  2. On lesions in the folds of the skin

You can evaluate the results of treatment after 1-2 weeks – 1 month. In general, the treatment can be continued for 3-4 months, then it is better to interrupt.

Adverse Reactions Tazorak

Numerous studies and experience of doctors have shown that this drug does not cause serious adverse reactions, however, often, especially at the beginning of the reception, the drug can cause burning and itching.

In some cases, it can also be observed: dry skin and rashes.

If you have severe skin irritation, consult your doctor. Often there is a place to change the form of the drug, from gels to ointment, or to reduce the concentration, if you started to apply with 0.1% Tazorak. As practice has shown, usually after 1-2 weeks this side effect is successful.

Tazorak and pregnancy

The effects of topical retinoids on the course of pregnancy and fetal development have not been thoroughly studied. However, systemic retinoids cause serious disturbances in the development of the fetus. For this reason, the use of Tazorak is also contraindicated. If you are using Tazorak or are going to do this, you need to ensure an adequate level of contraception in order to avoid harmful effects.

Effective combinations

In the course of clinical practice, combinations of drugs with Tazorac were established, allowing to achieve a faster result:

  • with corticosteroids
  • with calcipotriol (synthetic analogue of vitamin D)
  • with phototherapy

Psoriasis – how to get rid of a fatal autoimmune disease?

Judging by the fact that you are reading these lines now – the victory in the fight against psoriasis is not on your side yet…

And have you already thought about cardinal treatments? It is understandable, because psoriasis can progress, resulting in a rash covering 70-80% of the body surface. What leads to chronic form.

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