The 5 Common Dental Issues Cutting Across All Ages


Are you experiencing dental issues? Dental issues can be troubling, especially if they affect your day-to-day activities. It is advisable for you to visit a dentist for regular checkups to maintain healthy oral hygiene. Specialized dentists deal with teeth alignment, thorough cleaning of the teeth, and tooth filling, among others. Get rid of anything that dulls your sparkly smile today by visiting Skyline smiles and bring out your beaming smile again. A visit to a dentist will give you back the courage to face the world through a sparkling smile. Discussed below are different problems with their prevention measures:

Tooth Decay

It is also known as the tooth cavity. This is the affected area around the tooth surface that leads to small holes. It happens to all age groups. Cavities are caused by the settling of foods (rich in sugar) on the tooth surface. This acts as food for bacteria and thus leads to the disintegration of the enamel. Some of the prevention measures include avoiding food consumption rich in sugar, thoroughly brushing your teeth after eating to prevent food residue, If you’re unable to brush properly, rinse your mouth and visit the dentist regularly.

Bad Breath 

Bad breath is a very frustrating and embarrassing condition. This is a major problem that calls for attention. It can also be because of the food you’re eating, for example, garlic. Some spices leave an odor once eaten. The best prevention for bad breath is brushing regularly. On the other hand, you can gargle with clean water after you’re done eating.

Dry Mouth

This occurs when salivary glands don’t yield enough saliva in your mouth. Saliva propels the prevention of plaque from the tooth surface of your teeth. This condition is brought about by addictive habits such as smoking. Some symptoms you might notice include mouth sores, scaly lips, and a bad odor. It is proven that there is no main cure for dry mouth. Nevertheless, keeping your mouth hydrated will help a lot.

Root Infection

Root infection is a painful and edgy condition. It occurs when bacteria enters the middle part of the tooth and attacks the pulp tissue inside. This problem might call for a root canal procedure. This is done when your dentist makes an opening through the center of your tooth to the infected tissue to suck out the pus.

Oral Cancer

This is the most critical dental problem you can encounter. It affects both the head and neck. An alarming number of people are daily being affected. Therefore, this shows that it is a severe condition that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, it is not easily noticed. It is caused by drinking and smoking. Smokers should go for dental checkups regularly to ascertain that they are okay.

Visit a Dental Specialist Today

Dental issues can affect your self-esteem and lower your confidence. Proper oral hygiene will help in reducing any infection that dental issues may cause. If you are undergoing any discussed problems, receive treatment today with Skyline Smiles to bring back your smile. Just as the word suggests, they bring out the best in you. They have free consultation services and offer effective payment plans. Call them today and schedule your appointment.

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