Where can I purchase Shakeology


Shakeology is flagship product of Team Beachbody who provides total health and fitness solutions. Shakeology is a complete health shake with 70+ nutritional ingredients and is often referred to as meal replacement shake or protein shake. As per claims, Shakeology covers 6 nutrient groups:

  •         Vitamins & Minerals
  •         Antioxidants
  •         Essential Amino Acids and Proteins
  •         Digestive Enzymes
  •         Adaptogens
  •         Phytonutrients

Shakeology is not available in your local store or a supermarket like Walmart nearby. It is also not available on e-commerce portals like Amazon, Ebay. The only way to buy Shakeology is through their website or through Team Beachbody Coach. The reason why the promoters did not make Shakeology available at local stores is because they did not want their product to lose exclusivity and individuality among other health and fitness products. Shakeology is currently delivered in USA and Canada only due to restriction on shipping of these categories of products.

Infact the concept of Beachbody Coach selling Shakeology was introduced because Team Beachbody believed that those who use Shakeology are their best ambassadors. Just like you would recommend some restaurant or your favourite TV program to your friend, Team Beachbody allows its Coaches to recommend Shakeology to others and pays them for it as well.

So how to buy your favourite Shakeology product? Simply go to official website. There are 5 different ways to order Shakeology which should definitely fit into your requirements:

  1.       Select your flavour

This is the most basic option available for purchasing your Shakeology where you can order in 4 simple steps

Ø  Select your flavour from 7 available options – Cafelatte, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry, chocolate vegan, tropical strawberry

Ø  Choose packaging – 30 serving bag or 24 single serve packet

Ø  Choose Order Type – Monthly Autoship (with 10% discount) or One-time order only

Ø  Quantity

Ø  Click add to cart once you are done

  1.       Alternate your Favourite Flavors

In this option you can make a combination of your favourite flavours which will be delivered on alternate basis

Ø  Choose your favourite combination of flavours

Ø  Packaging size – Only 30 serving bag available

Ø  Choose Order Type – Only Monthly Autoship (with 10% discount) available

Ø  Quantity

  1.       Combine your Favourite Flavors

This option is similar to earlier option of combining your favrourite flavours, but here minimum 8 pack of each flavour need to be chosen

  1.       Customize your Shakeology Experience

This option allows you to choose your addons with Shakeology experience

Ø  Choose addon – Focussed Energy, Power Greens, Digestive Health

Ø  Packaging Size – Only 20 servings option available

Ø  Choose Order Type – Monthly Autoship (with 10% discount) or One-time order only

Ø  Quantity

  1.       Enhance your Shakeology Experience

This option allows you to order samples of Shakeology so that you can decide upon on your favorite flavour for next time. This option also allows you to order accessories like Cups, Canister and Bottles.

Ø  Choose Sample/Accessories – Pack of 7 samples, Pack of 4 Vegan samples, Cups, Canister, Bottles

Ø  Packaging Size – Depending on samples chosen

Ø  Choose Order Type – Only one-time order option available

Ø  Quantity

This is a comprehensive guide on how and where to buy Shakeology. Hope this helps!


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