Why You should Visit an Orthodontist Rather than a Dentist


If you have become worried about or embarrassed about how your teeth look, then you may need to schedule a visit with your dentist or orthodontist for assistance. However, there are a number of notable differences that distinguish a dentist from an orthodontist, which makes them a much better option for a number of issues that relate to jaw misalignment or tooth misalignment. If you are curious if you could benefit from orthodontic treatment in Anderson, SC, you should speak with your dentist. You can also learn more about what an orthodontist does, here.


Dentists are typically focused on the condition and overall health of your gums and teeth by treating conditions such as gingivitis, filling cavities and promoting great oral hygiene. However, an orthodontist will focus on correcting the alignment and position of teeth and a person’s jaw. When you see a specialist in this part of oral health, then you can be certain that your conditions are being addressed properly.


When you obtain a degree in the field of orthodontics, it will require at least two years of an additional residency program that follows the dental certification process and additional coursework in the areas of orthopedics, facial development and tooth movement. Additionally, most orthodontists will become certified by certain agencies that are directly associated with the field of orthodontics. Their potential patients will use these credentials in order to find the best orthodontist in their area.

Options for Treatment

Anyone who makes the decision to schedule an appointment with their orthodontist will probably find that there are a number of treatment options available that were not offered at the traditional dentist’s office. One example of this would be the various selections of braces, the different types of retainers and a number of other solutions that are offered by an orthodontist. It is also extremely likely that an orthodontist patient will be able to benefit from new techniques and technology, since any reputable orthodontist will never stop trying to learn the latest and greatest methods for treatment.

Ability to Prevent Other Issues

In addition to all the things listed here, an orthodontist may also be able to prevent other issues from developing. They are trained to look for certain problems and areas of concern that a dentist may not be aware of. If you or your child has never seen an orthodontist, it may be wise to schedule an appointment, even if your dentist has not recommended that you see one. Part of keeping your mouth healthy is heading off issues before they become unmanageable.

In some situations, it will actually be your dentist who refers you an orthodontist for treatment. This is typically due to the fact that they have noticed some abnormality in the development of your mouth or to ensure that you have no serious alignment issues with your jaw or teeth. When this referral is made, it is important to go through with the visit, since your long-term oral health will be dependent on what the orthodontist’s treatment is.

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