Healthy Tips to Ensure Your Child Is Growing Up Fine


As a parent, there is nothing more precious than seeing your children grow up healthy, don’t you think? Therefore, educate yourself, find out what is best for their bodies and minds. There are actually a lot of things you can do, picking the right foods, for instance, or encouraging the right physical activity.

Here are some tips that can help your kid grow up healthy.

Pick the Right Food


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Always start the day with a healthy breakfast so that your child will have plenty of energy. It’s advisable to adopt a healthy routine like letting your kids help you to plan a meal each week, and try eating together as often as possible. Take your time when eating as it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are full. To make sure that your child is getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals, always include fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals and try to avoid overindulging in sweet and savoury snacks.

Hydration is also extremely important in maintaining good health, so make sure your child drinks enough fluids. Choose water, low-fat or non-fat milk. If your child suffers from CMPA, Isomil’Plus is a clinically proven substitute. To encourage your kid to eat, keep things interesting by varying the food you serve. Always start with small portions and if they are still hungry, they will ask for more. Pay attention to the nutrition labels so that you that you will be aware of what nutrients you include in your meals. Kids get hungry very easily, that’s why nutritious and energising snacks like fruits, vegetables, whole-grain cereals are essential for active and growing children. If your child is a picky eater, you can try PediaSure . It will help their growth and mind development.

Physical Activity


Physical activity is another key factor in ensuring good health. It is advisable for both children and parents to perform at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day. Physical activity doesn’t necessarily mean doing stamina demanding sports like football or basketball, even walking before and after meals is an excellent example of physical activity. As parents, you should always try to encourage physical activity in whatever way possible.

Let your children help with household activities. Helping out with the chores at home not only helps them to be more active, it also teaches them to be more responsible and self-sufficient. When you are going on a family vacation, always try include an activity like hiking or mountain-biking. This gives the entire family an opportunity to exercise together, and can also be a great bonding activity.

Good Lifestyle Habits


Kids can learn and pick up habits very quickly, which is why parents should instill good habits in them from a very tender age. The habits that they practise daily will not only help them become more healthy, but can also shape who they become in the future. One good habit that all children should practise is going to bed early. Sleeping early allows our body to regulate itself properly, thus promoting better health. Asides from that, frequent late nights can also lead to various issues such as irritability and a lack of energy.

While it is understandable to allow children nowadays to have access to technology, it is not healthy to allow your children to immerse themselves completely. Limit the number of hours of gaming your children get, and also keep an eye on their smartphone usage, if they have one. Children get bored very easily, if you limit their usage and dependence on technology for entertainment, they will find some other way to keep themselves occupied. This is where you can encourage your kids to do something more productive and healthy like learning a new skill or playing sports.

The above are some of the tips that can help make sure that your child is growing up strong and healthy. If you have more suggestions, do feel free to mention them in the comments!

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