7 Tips to Find a Good Laser Hair Removal Clinic


Removal of unwanted hair in different parts of the body can be done by shaving and waxing, but there is a more preferable alternative to these two which is laser hair removal. Canada Medlaser uses the latest technology to bring you the best results This article will be giving you tips on how to find and choose the right and safe laser hair removal clinic. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing a reliable laser hair removal clinic:

  • Certification: You must inquire about the level of professionalism and if they are duly certified to carry out laser hair removal treatment. This is important because you need to know how proficient these technicians are and to know if it’s worth entrusting the services to them.
  • Assurance of Complete Hair Removal: You need to be careful of laser hair removal clinics that assure you that they can remove the hair completely. The best that can be done is a permanent hair reduction.
  • Consultation: It is better to patronize clinics that offer consultation services before outright removal service. This is because some aren’t a good candidate for hair removal through lasers. It’s safer to consult before requesting for a hair removal. People with light skin and dark hair are usually the most suitable candidates for hair removal. However, the latest laser technology works well on light hair and skin and dark hair and skin.
  • Experience: Before subjecting your body hair to removal in a laser hair removal clinic, it is important you know how much experience the laser clinic has with regards to laser hair removal. Don’t be deceived to have your unwanted hair removed by an inexperienced technician, who has only attended to a few number of people.
  • Type of Laser used: Ask about the type of laser used in the clinic. Majority of clinics use Intense Pulsed Light device. But it’s advisable to use LightSheer Diode Laser as it is suitable for most skin types including light, medium and dark skin
  • Reference: It’s better to ask for referral from people who have undergone laser hair removal. They will guide you in choosing a good laser hair removal clinic; this will also help you have a foreknowledge about potential risks and side effects that may arise during the course of operation.

Laser treatment pricing

Laser hair removal prices depend on the number of time a laser is fired, otherwise known as pulse. A single laser pulse is capable of covering an area almost equivalent to the size of a nickel and is capable of removing approximately hundred hair strands at a go. A good laser clinic will provide a service that will cost $150 for 150 pulses, and charge a dollar for every additional pulse needed. In saving cost, it is better choose a method that will save you extra charges. For a very hairy back, a flat fee might be the best option, but for just minor hairs on the chin or lip, it will be preferable to pay by time.

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