Answering The Most Frequently Asked Vasectomy Questions


A vasectomy is a good option for couples who either do not want children or have completed their family. It is a reliable method of birth control that does not have health consequences like birth control pills do. Moreover, it is a permanent solution, and you won’t have to worry about getting another vasectomy after a certain period.

Despite being one of the best methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy, there may be many concerns regarding the effects of the process. Consulting with a doctor for vasectomy Brooklyn, New York can help you get clarity and make an informed decision.

Answering the most frequently asked vasectomy questions

1. Is getting a vasectomy the right decision?

This is a rather difficult question and can be best answered by the person getting it. Every relationship is different. You and your spouse will need to consider all the factors and decide whether a vasectomy will bring happiness to your relationship. However, it is probably not right if you are being pressured by your spouse but do not want to do it.

2. Does a man lose his sexual capability after getting a vasectomy?

No. This is a big misconception that a man loses his sexual capability after a vasectomy. However, he looks and feels the same as before. The person can engage in sexual activities the same way, and there would be no difference in semen ejaculation.

3. Does the process of vasectomy hurt?

Many people are terrified about getting a vasectomy because of the nature of the process. However, the procedure is conducted using local anesthesia, which numbs the pain. During the procedure, you won’t feel any pain except for the occasional pulling sensation in your scrotum. There may be mild discomfort for a week after the procedure.

4. Are there any risks and side effects of getting a vasectomy?

Getting a vasectomy in Brooklyn, New York, is not a dangerous process. There won’t be any internal physical side effects. The only risks are associated with the incision process. Bleeding, pain, irritation, infection, and scrotal hemorrhaging are possible but rare. Talk to your doctor about the tips to prepare for the process and the post-op care to reduce the risks.

5. Do you need to use another contraceptive after a vasectomy?

Yes. It is recommended to continue using other contraceptives for upto three months after the surgery. This is because the semen ejaculation decreases gradually and does not happen instantly. The main reason couples get pregnant even after getting a vasectomy is that they ignore their doctor’s instructions.

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