How Is Vasectomy Done?


Vasectomy is a method of family planning that is offered to men in New York. This method involves doing minor surgery that makes the semen to lack sperms. The procedure is done in the outpatient department and does not require general anesthesia. The method offers permanent contraception, but if you want to have children in the future it is advisable to consider other forms of contraception because it is not easy to reverse the effects of a vasectomy.

Although it is rare, sometimes the procedure may fail and this means that you can get an unplanned pregnancy. A New York vasectomy prevents close to 100% of pregnancies when it is done by a qualified specialist. When the procedure is not done well, it can have some risks like bleeding, scrotal injury and swelling, and pain. If the procedure is not done in a sterile environment, you may get an infection which can cause you a lot of pain. Some people get cysts and hydrocele after a vasectomy.

Preparation for a Vasectomy Procedure

Before the procedure, the doctor will take your medical history to find out whether you have an underlying medical condition that can affect the outcome of your procedure. The doctor will advise you to stop taking medications like NSAIDs and other blood thinners to prevent excessive bleeding during the procedure.

The doctor will also request you to carry well-fitting underwear that will support your scrotum tightly so that you reduce swelling after the procedure. It is also important to take a shower and trim your pubic hair to reduce the risk of infection after the vasectomy. After the procedure, you may require someone to drive you home so that you avoid putting pressure on your scrotum.

What Happens During the Vasectomy Procedure?

On the day of the procedure, the doctor will give you a consent form that you need to sign to confirm that you permit the doctor to do the procedure. The doctor will then numb your skin using a local anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure. The doctor will then make an incision on your scrotum which they will use to access the vas deferens that carry the sperms.

The doctor then ties this tube using surgical clips or by using heat to block the tubes. The doctor then returns the two parts of the tubes inside the scrotum and then closes the incision. After the procedure, you should always wear tight underwear, avoid strenuous physical activity, and avoid sex for the first week. You can use ice packs to reduce pain and discomfort on your scrotum.

A vasectomy does not offer contraception immediately and that is why you will require other methods of contraception for the first few months after the procedure. You will require about 20 ejaculations to remove the sperms completely from the semen.  A vasectomy does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia, therefore you should practice safe sex.

In summary, a vasectomy is a method of male contraception that uses surgery to prevent the sperms from being part of the semen. The procedure is done in the outpatient clinic under local anesthesia. The effects of a vasectomy may take a few months to appear and therefore you will require extra contraception to prevent pregnancy.

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