Blood pressure Causes and treatment


Human body has two types of blood vessels, Arteries and Veins both perform different function. Arteries carry oxygenated blood while veins send the deoxygenated blood to heart. When the veins fail to perform this function blood starts collecting in these veins and cause pain to that particular area. This condition is called CVI (Chronic Venous Insufficiency)



Veins pump the blood to the heart so it has to push the blood upward from legs. These veins have one way valve which push the blood upward and don’t allow it to come back but when these walls rupture blood leakage occurs and blood accumulates in the veins, this condition cause pain in legs or any area where this happens.

This can be as a consequence of aging or many sitting hours. Those aged persons who are immobile can be exposed to this disease.


Don’t let the disease to make a permanent home in your body as how old the disease is it is more difficult to treat it. Don’t avoid the pain by taking pain killers go for your doctor for treatment. So see if you have following symptoms , if yes than it is the time to see the doctor and get yourself treated.

  • Do you feel swelling in legs especially after standing long time?
  • Do you feel ache and fatigue in legs?
  • Does your skin on legs look like leather?
  • Does your leg skin itch?

Now go for the doctor to get it treated.

Tips for treatment

  • Elastic stocking will prevent the blood assembling in the veins. Your doctor will prescribe you to wear. Don’t avoid this prescription as it will help to pump the blood upwards and will act as a vein valve.
  • During rest don’t place the leg before heart level, raise the legs above the heart level by placing many pillows under feet, it will help the blood to flow to heart properly and don’t allow it to come back and pool there.
  • Don’t sit while thinking you have disease, this increases with increasing sitting so exercise daily as prescribed by your doctor and walk in the morning.
  • Take the mineral bath as it also improves the symptoms and cause relief.
  • Don’t be idle keep on moving as this disease reduces with moving muscles.
  • If you have skin ulcer apply the cream or bandages as prescribed by doctor to treat that wound.
  • You may discard the damaged vein by getting Sclerotherapy , in this doctor will inject some caustic material that will fill the damaged vein and blood finds its way through healthy veins. It is similar as providing an alter way to the traffic if one road is damaged.
  • Vein can be blocked by inserting electrode.
  • In the end, when all conventional treatment fails doctor advises to go for surgical operation they will repair the wall or will remove the damaged vein. They may take an artificial vein of same length and place it there it is called bypass surgery.
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