Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Skin


Our lifestyles dictate our health and well-being. When your life is filled with unhealthy activity, unhealthy foods, and unhealthy substances, your skin will reflect that. If your skin is acne-ridden, dull, sagging, or oily, you may need to make some lifestyle changes.

Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Skin

Is Acne Really Linked to Lifestyle Choices?

For years, dermatologists scratched their heads regarding the increasing prevalence of acne in our culture. Why, all of a sudden, were so many adolescents dealing with this unsightly skin disorder? The answer, of course, could be found in our lifestyle choices. A lack of exercise, consumption of poor foods without any vitamins, and the exposure to artificial chemicals and by-products was discovered to be a huge factor in the prevalence of acne.

Exercise for Skin Health

Exercise is indisputably linked to healthy skin. When you exercise, your body becomes a more efficient machine. That’s all our bodies are, after all: machines. When this machine is primed regularly, it begins ridding itself of the substances that are wreaking havoc on the organs. Bacteria, dirt, oil, and infection can all be eliminated through regular exercise.

Antioxidants and Omega-3s

Did you know that there are foods you could be eating that have been proven to help with acne? A lot of the food we eat is void of healthy nutrients and beneficial minerals. Pay close attention to your diet. Are there foods that you love to eat but that may have a negative effect on your skin? Is your hair dull and lifeless? Are your fingernails brittle and ugly? These are all signs that you may not be receiving the nutrients your body needs for healthy skin, hair, and fingernail production. Be sure to include foods in your diet that are high in antioxidants and omega-3s. Antioxidants, like those found in blueberries, pomegranates, and green tea, can rid the body of free radicals that cause cells to deteriorate. Omega-3 foods like salmon, tuna, and nuts can provide a health source of fat to the body. Either of these changes can improve skin tone and quality.

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