Do you have the right counselor?


In recent times mental health has become a critical issue in today’s world. The awareness could have been attributed to the numerous issues that people are facing.

Therefore, it is no surprise that many people visit counselors’ offices, whether as a treatment or a way of protecting their mental health.

However, a lot has to be put into perspective as one selects the counselor that is meant to provide them with the therapy. For example, Improving Lives Counseling Services provide their clients with the best experience as they get counseled.

However, how do you know you have the best counselor? What are the specific attributes you should look out for as you select a counselor?

Well, not to worry, the following are some of the attributes that you could look out for as you select your counselor;

Appropriate communication capabilities.

Communication expertise is one of the most crucial attributes that a counselor needs to possess as their whole career is based on how appropriately they can communicate with their clients.

Normally a more experienced counsellor has better communication skills compared to a newly established counsellor; however, there are basic skills that they are equipped with even before they get into their practice. Communication skills are, therefore, a vital thing to put into consideration as you select a counsellor.


Clients go to counsellors for various reasons; it is, therefore, critical that the counsellor they open up to be open-minded and accepting.

Open-mindedness creates a warm environment for the clients to effectively express themselves hence get a better treatment plan.


In most circumstances, clients usually go to counsellors after experiencing a difficult situation. They, therefore, need to empathise with them.

As you look for a good counsellor, ensure that they can completely understand your feelings and situation.

Ability to solve problems.

Counsellors are not meant to resolve their clients’ issues, but their problem-solving expertise is of great importance.

These skills aid them in pointing out where the client would need to put in the work hence providing a solution all the same.

This attribute is, therefore, very important.

Multicultural proficiency.

The world is a diverse place with people from different races, backgrounds, and cultures. A good counsellor should be able to respect these diversities.

You should also ensure that the comments and action points are respectful to you.

Interpersonal skills.

For the whole counselling process to work, trust needs to be established between the client and counsellor. The only way this will occur is through the formation of a strong bond.

Therefore, a good counsellor should have the required interpersonal skills to create a strong relationship with you as the client.


When you start visiting a counsellor there is probably a treatment plan that will be established. However, things may change, thus prompting a need to alter the initial treatment plan.

Therefore, a good counsellor should be ready to adapt to any changes that may be required for your recovery.

Those are but some of the attributes of a good counsellor. It is paramount for you to put them into consideration. It would be best if you also remembered that your mental health is very important.

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