Everything you Need to Know About Electronic Cigarettes


By now, most of us have heard of electronic cigarettes but do you really understand what they are all about and why they are such a popular aid to help people to stop smoking? There are many aids on the market that promise to help smokers to kick their deadly habit but none have proved to be so popular or so effective as the electronic cigarette.

They are available in most countries around the world and they also come with flavoured e-liquids that can help to make smoking them more enjoyable. Good quality e cigarettes are easy to buy online and you can even buy fully set up started kits that have everything you need to get started with the quitting process.

Electronic Cigarettes

What to Buy

There are a few things that you will need in order to help you to quit smoking, namely:

  • An electronic cigarette
  • A charger
  • A bottle of e-liquid
  • A clearomizer

You will need to choose the level of nicotine that you start with and it is up to you how quickly you reduce how much nicotine you have. The goal is to get to a low amount before finally going to zero and it is still possible to continue smoking your e cig without any nicotine, to allow you to continue the habit of smoking without the dangerous side effects.

The Smoking Action

One of the reasons why e cigs are so popular is that smokers don’t have to quit the habit of the action of smoking, which for many is what makes it so hard.

For Example: Some smokers like to smoke when they drink alcohol, so the two habits go hand-in-hand and while they may find it easy to resist the urge to smoke when at home watching the TV; they find it a lot harder to fight the craving when they visit their local pub. However, with e cigs, there is no need to have to break this part of the smoking habit, as you can continue to do the smoking action but without having to inhale the deadly chemicals found in regular cigarettes.

The Smoke

Another great thing about using e cigs is that they produce a vapour that looks a lot like smoke, so it is easy to feel as though you are smoking a regular cigarette when you exhale but minus the horrible smell and dangers.

Choosing a Flavour

As well as choosing a nicotine strength that suits where you are in the quitting process, you will also need to choose what flavour of e-liquid you want to use and they can include any of the following and many more:

  • Coconut, cherry or blueberry
  • Vanilla or chocolate
  • Cola or coffee
  • Menthol or whiskey

Some people will choose to get an e-liquid that has a rich tobacco taste to make it taste and smell as much like smoking a real cigarette as possible and these flavours are designed to make the process of using an e cigarette more enjoyable.

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