Facelift And Browlift, Why They Are Done


One of the most common problems when it comes to aging is the aging of our skin. The skin starts to droop and creates creases on our face and forehead, which makes us look much older. However, there are a couple of procedures that you could consider to bring back your youthful years.

First of all, you need to schedule a consultation with your doctor. You can check out the reliable cosmetic surgery in Sydney from Dr. Hodgkinson or other local clinics instead, depending on where you are from. Keep in mind that the consultation with your doctor is very important.

The two most commonly suggested surgeries to help deal with the aging process is the facelift and browlift. The combination of these two surgeries will give you the best results, but there are often other approaches you can take as well.

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The facelift surgery

The facelift is usually suggested if you have fat deposits on the lower half of your face, which can cause the appearance of jowls. These sagging cheeks can often make us look much older than we are, and the facelift is designed to lift up the skin and help you get rid of those jowls as well as other wrinkled areas.

During this surgery, your doctor will make cuts on each side of your face, along the hairline, to hide the possible scarring. Then your skin will be pulled back, and the excess skin will be cut off. Once everything is sutured up, you will get to see the results, but the best results are visible mostly after your wounds have healed.

The browlift surgery

On the other hand, you have the browlift surgery that is designed to correct the horizontal folding below your frontal hairline. Sometimes, instead of a brow lift, your doctor could suggest for you to get Botox injections, but they are not the best when doing a full facelift. This is also another reason why it is important that you talk to your doctor.

Are you a good candidate?

Before you get to go through with the surgery, your doctor needs to see whether you are a good candidate for these two surgeries. During your consultation, your doctor will give you all the facts about the surgery and possible risks. 

In most cases, everyone is a good candidate for the surgery, who is in great health and who is older. You can check out the Dr. Hodgkinson – brow lifts surgery Sydney if you are interested, or talk to your doctor instead. Just make sure to have a consultation beforehand!

The combination of these procedures can give you great results!

Final word

The best results are given when these two surgeries are combined, but there are other surgeries that can be combined as well. You should talk to your doctor, and tell them the outcome you are trying to achieve, and they will be able to suggest the best path to those results. 

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